When you feel sick, it is hard enough to take care of yourself, so taking care of your home is even more difficult. So what if there was a way to make parenting when you are sick a lot smoother. Well, in this contributed post we will talk about three steps you should take to make running your household a lot less stressful on you and make getting back on your feet a lot easier. 

Coping with parenthood when you’re feeling under the weather can be pretty tough. Now that you’re a parent, you can’t really curl up on the sofa with a water bottle and Netflix and not do anything else for the rest of the day – you have little mouths to feed, to get to school, and to play with. How are you supposed to cope with parenthood when you’re feeling under the weather? This guide will give you some ideas.

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Take Action Before You Feel Terrible

Before you start to feel really terrible, take action. There are a few things you can try to make sure your feeling under the weather doesn’t turn into a full-blown illness. Take vitamins, drink plenty of water, and make sure you’re eating nutritious food. Do your best to reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep too. You’ll feel much better if you ensure you’re doing the best for your body.


Ask For Help

Let’s say you’re too far gone and you’re in the midst of a full-blown illness. You really need to do as little as possible, and this can be tough with kids. See if you can get some help. It can be tough to let go and allow somebody else to be in charge for a change, but if you want to feel better and avoid spreading your illness, you should just allow. See if one of your parents can come over to spend some time with the kids, for example, maybe even cook them a meal.

If you’re unable to because of an injury, rather than an illness, it could be a good idea to see if they can help for the foreseeable while you get better. Making sure you call Dolman Law Group or another professional group if you need an attorney can make everything less stressful, too. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get the ball rolling. Never be afraid to ask for the help you need.


Let Go Of Housework And Your Regular Routine

If you try too hard to hold on to your regular routine and complete the household chores, you’re going to struggle to heal. Let go of the housework and make sure you’re doing the bare minimum. It might pain you inside, but it’s helping you physically. You’ll also need to let go of your ‘perfect parenting’ ideals too. You may need to feed the kids cold pizza and let them have more screen time than you’d usually allow. The main thing you should be focusing on right now is getting better, and that will mean not being a ‘perfect’ parent.


The best thing you can do is avoid getting sick in the first place, of course. Make sure you eat predominantly for health, and that you strengthen your immune system with exercise and by reducing stress. A happy, positive outlook can even help you to stay healthy.

Above all else, just let go. Stress will only make things worse!


There is nothing more difficult on a parent when it comes to taking care of their home than adding in an illness. When you are sick it is very hard to take care of your normal responsibilities, such as caring for your children, cooking, cleaning, and going to work. So the best thing you can do when you feel an illness coming on is being prepared.

By taking care of your body and eating a diet full of fruits and vegetable and exercising every day, you can prevent a lot of illnesses. Children can bring home a lot of germs so making sure your body has a strong immune system to fight off these germs by eating fruits high in vitamin C is the best defense.

However, if you do get sick, you have to remember to let some of your responsibilities go so that you can get better. I have had a lot of trouble with this in the past. I don’t like asking others for help. So I tend to take on more than I should even when I am sick. I had to learn to let others help me so I could get better. 

Sometimes we can’t prevent getting sick but we can help how we deal with our sickness. Remember, you are a parent and you have responsibilities you must return to. Your recovery may be determined on how well you care for yourself so don’t neglect to let your body recover. 

Do you give yourself time when you are sick? Do you have a tip you use when you get sick? I would love to hear about it below!


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