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Valentine’s Day is known as the day to celebrate love. It is a day that most of us pass out greeting cards, give candy and gifts to their loved ones, and share romantic dates. Even our children take cards and candy and pass them to their schoolmates and teachers. But does the gift giving only have to be for a love interest or can you give gifts to your family members? Since it is a day of love, you can share love inspired gift with anyone you desire, so who deserves some love and appreciation as much as others, our mom, right? So here is a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for mom that she can appreciate and hold close to her heart.

Red Gold Rose, Cozime Forever Preserved Long Stem 24K Gold Real Rose with Real Geen Leaf

Nothing says I love you like a long-stemmed rose. But fresh flowers don’t last! So when I saw this 24K gold long-stemmed Red Rose I thought wow, that will say I love you for a lifetime. Each rose is handcrafted and made of real rose plated in 24k gold. It comes in its own box which is great for keeping it preserved for a long time. You could even give one of these for a birthday or Mother’s Day.

Package includes:

1x Gold plated rose

1x Bracket

1x User Manual

1x Color Box


Made from a fresh hand-picked rose

Dipped in 24K gold so you can keep your rose and not worry about withering.

Can be displayed on its own plastic stand


I only found one complaint where a customer said they didn’t get the plastic stand that is supposed to come with the rose.

King and Queen Wine Glass Gift Set

Nothing represents a romantic evening more than a nice glass of wine. So having a nice set of wine glasses for some women is a must. Some of us women are even really picky about our glassware. These King and Queen wine glasses are not only romantic but they are so cute. With the title “King” and “Queen” embroidered on the glass it will leave you feeling royal and pampered on that romantic Valentine’s evening.


Dishwasher safe

Perfect for different gifts such as engagement parties, wedding, anniversary, and newlyweds, him or her, mom or dad, husband or wife.


A customer had design wear off after one washing

Genteele Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket, 50″ X 60″, Rich Burgundy Red

As a woman, I know there is one thing I love when I am cold, snuggling myself up in a soft warm throw blanket. I love throws because I can grab them when I need them and they are just the right amount of blanket for me. This throw blanket from Genteele is nice and soft and the beautiful burgundy color is great for Valentine’s Day. I know my mom can appreciate a nice throw, how about your mom?


Super soft microfiber cashmere velvet, great for snuggling

Easy to care for because it is machine washable

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


A couple customers complained the blanket is too small and one said it gets smaller when you wash it

One customer complained about the thickness of the blanket, they said it was too thin for the cost

Luxury Wine Socks with Cupcake Gift Packaging

I love socks for a lot of reason but mainly because I have cold feet. But these socks are too cute and if you are a wine lover then how can you not want these. If your mom is a wine lover then you know she really deserves a pair of socks like these. I mean moms take care of many people around the house so why shouldn’t she get to lay around once in a while and be pampered, right?


Comfortable with anti-slip non-skid rubber

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


One customer said they received cupcake package without socks inside

One customer said socks came with a hole in them

Valentine’s Day Spa Basket

When you don’t know what to get someone, a gift basket is usually a great choice because it has many different items inside. There is nothing your mom needs more than a day of relaxation from her busy schedule. So why not provide your mom with her own little spa treatment. This Valentine’s basket is so cute because it has the essentials to help you relax. From some delicious chocolates to some sweet smelling candles, this basket may be the perfect gift. There is even a cute little bear to cuddle up with. Why not buy it for yourself if you feel you need to be pampered? I know I do!

Includes a 9 piece ultra spa kit, a large plush bear, a candle, and chocolates, all in a keepsake basket.


It has all the essentials to give your mom a spa day at home all in one gift


This item is pricey


I love Valentine’s Day because of what it represents – Love. I love showing others I care for them and yes it is an excuse for me to eat chocolate, lol. I usually use it as one of the times I can have a romantic evening with my husband (because with 3 kids at home it can be hard to find time to ourselves) but he isn’t the only one I think deserves my love.

So if you have a mom, a sister, an in-law, a niece, a cousin, or any mom you think deserves something nice for Valentine’s Day then why not share the love. Hey, don’t leave yourself out either.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show the ones you love your appreciation but I don’t think Valentine’s should be the only time you tell someone you love them or buy them a gift to show them you care. Love isn’t something you can keep to one day. It should be shared every day.

Do you have someone in mind you would like to get a nice Valentine’s Day gift for? Please feel free to share suggestions below!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom – 5 Special Gifts for Your Mom”

  1. Wow, superb gift ideas for Valentine’s day. Perfect gifts and my favorite one is spa basket as being a busy mum of two kids, that is the one I need every day. Great ideas as always from you Melissa.

  2. Great gifts, Melissa! Especially, I like the first one. I am sure my mom would love it.
    Valentine’s day is a special day when we celebrate love, but we need to remember to show our loved ones how much we care about them every day. I am trying to that.
    My mom is always surprised when I write her unexpected greeting card or give her a small gift. We love to give compliments to each other. We both know how important we are to each other, and that is the greatest gift we can give.

    If some of you are stressed in Valentine’s day, so you can read my post about it.

    Thank for sharing!
    Best wishes!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Glad you liked the list. I agree we do need to remember to show our loved ones how much we care everyday and not just on Valentines day. That is so cool what you and your mom do for each other. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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