We all desire to live a long, healthy, and happy life but with all the things that can transpire in our life from bad health to financial issues, our health often takes a toll and that happiness may be unreachable. If you desire answers to the questions you seek then you will want to continue reading this contributed post to find out some tips to live a happy life.

Who doesn’t want to live a long and happy life? Many people will tell you that they want to live for a long time – however, it often transpires that those who live for a long time don’t always lead a high quality of life they end up having to be looked after. If you want to live both a long and happy life, do the following things outlined in this guide:

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Worry Less And Play More

When you worry, you’re either thinking about things that have already happened and you can’t change, or things that haven’t even happened yet. Worrying less might sound too difficult, but it’s a simple case of paying more attention to your thought patterns and stopping yourself before you get on a negative downward spiral. Do more of the things you really enjoy too – we weren’t put on the earth to just work and pay bills!


Spend Time With The People You Love

Humans weren’t designed to be isolated from others, either. Spending too much time alone can have a terrible effect on your mental health. Make an effort to spend more time with the people you love. Sometimes life just can’t be measured by how long you live, but the memories you’ve shared with the people close to you. Life and health can’t be guaranteed if you do this, but your loved ones will be with you through thick and thin, whether you’re picking a hospice or a venue for your wedding. Don’t get complacent with them and make the most of them. We’re not here forever!


Take Care Of Your Body

You can have as many positive thoughts as you like, but if you’re not taking care of your body then you’re likely not going to live a long life. Even if you do, it won’t be a high quality of life. Make sure you find a type of exercise you enjoy and aim to do it regularly. Eat nourishing foods but allow a little balance in your diet too. Life is to be enjoyed, but make sure you take good care of yourself in the process.


Take Care Of Your Mind

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Luckily, people are starting to realize just how important this is. Taking care of your mind means spending more time meditating, reducing stress, being grateful for what you have, and working on self-development in any other way you can.


Eat Less Meat

Nobody is telling you to become a vegan or even a vegetarian. However, people do consume too much meat these days, and eating a lot of red meat has been linked to diseases such as cancer. Try to cut back on your meat consumption a little, especially red meat. You could try eating veggie one or two days a week. When you do purchase meat, try to be kinder to the environment and the animals by shopping somewhere ethical – usually small, family-run companies.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep is essential for physical and mental health. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to die earlier on than those who get a full 8 hours per night.



Living a happy life is more than financial wealth or material gain, it is a satisfaction both mentally and spiritually. In order to be truly happy one must take care of their health. If you take care of your body it will truly take care of you. 

Worrying can be difficult to avoid but it must be at all cost. When we worry we add unnecessary stress and anguish to our mind and body. This can often lead to anxiety or depression. Both of which can either add to or cause other issues. So finding ways to ease your worry is essential. Some turn to religion or use meditation as a way to ease their anxiety. 

Spending time with others is a great way to create opportunities for happiness. When I spend time with my family we laugh and play together and laughing or making someone laugh is a great way to bring joy to your day.

Getting enough sleep is a tip you will find everywhere and for good reason. Both our body and our mind need to rest. When we are rested we are happy beings and our moods are relationships are even better. 

The key to having a truly happy life is in your own hands. Take care of the one person who can truly keep you happy – you!

What is your favorite tip? Do you have your own key to living a happy life? Share it below!




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