When you have been misinformed about something it can only lead to more confusion. Being mislead about stress is not only dangerous but stressful. Having a full understanding of stress can be useful to help you know how to face it and to know what to do to prevent some of it. In this post, we will talk about the myths about stress and the truth behind them.

Myth 1: Stress is the same for everybody

Now, this doesn’t even sound factual reading it. I already can tell you my husband and I handle stress differently. Not to mention somethings might bother you and they may not bother others. According to the American Psychology Association, women report reactions to stress differently than men.  That would mean we would have to find our own ways to deal with stress.

Myth 2: Stress is never good for you

Stress may seem like a bad thing, I mean chronic stress that isn’t handled can contribute to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. However, it can be good for you because for one it makes you more likely to accept change. It also pushes you to work harder, why you think people work better with deadlines that those who may have to work on their own.

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Myth 3: Stress is everywhere, so you can’t do anything about it

This is not true and there are many examples to debunk this. You can find ways to lessen the amount of stress you face by simply organizing your life. In this blog, I have talked about the importance of simplifying your day. By simply prioritizing and moving your schedule around you can avoid a lot of stress.

You can also take time to yourself to relax and spend time doing the things you love such as hobbies, writing a journal, or reading a book. These few things can make your life a lot less stressful.

Myth 4: No symptoms means no stress

This myth is not only false but very dangerous. Just because you don’t feel stressed doesn’t mean you are not. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe a medicine which can camouflage these symptoms.

Some of the physical symptoms of stress are similar to other health issues, some include; fatigue, headaches, and upset stomach. We don’t all experience symptoms the same way so don’t think that just because you don’t feel the same way others do that means you aren’t stressed.

Myth 5: Only “major” symptoms require medical attention

This myth is something a lot of us use not only with stress but other times in our lives. We assume we can ignore minor symptoms such as headaches or upset stomachs and think it will go away.  Never assume any symptom is minor. Always speak with your doctor.

Taking care of the symptoms early on may help prevent worse problems from occurring later. Plus you never want to wait until it is too late.

Myth 6: The more popular the product the better the results

Popular is not always better because what works for you may not work for me. Have you ever tried one of those popular fads on television like some great way to lose weight but it didn’t work for you? I have, no shame here. I had a family member tell me, “oh this worked you have to try it”, but it didn’t. Why me! What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.

Since there isn’t some miracle cure for stress relief anyways, why fall for the hype?

Myth 7: Only bad experiences cause stress

Christmas is my favorite time of the year but some things about it can be a little bit stressful. So many of us know that even something we may enjoy doing, like family gatherings, or traveling can be stressful but that stress isn’t always bad. The stress can even push you to work faster or harder so I don’t think I would get a whole Thanksgiving dinner done without it.

Myth 8: Stress and anxiety are the same things

Stress is very different from anxiety but I can understand how the two can be confusing. Stress is the way you feel about an event or a thought that may make you feel upset or nervous. Anxiety is that fear or uneasy feeling you get. You can feel stressed out for a few minutes but an anxiety disorder, it will not go away on its own.


Being deceived can happen very easily. I mean there are so many ways to receive info nowadays, from the internet to the television. You have doctors on television now telling you what is best, what can you believe anymore?

Research is the first way you can take care of yourself. Make sure you know what you should be asking your doctor. Never assume you are okay. I made that mistake and found out I was having seizures for years.

Did you know these myths were false or is this your first time hearing about it? I would love to know, please feel free to leave a comment or feedback below.


14 thoughts on “The Myths About Stress – 8 Myths and the Truth Behind Them”

  1. Great article. I will be passing this onto my wife. She could learn from this. She has high blood pressure and gets stressed out way too much. She is on blood pressure meds regularly. She is only 37. I think there are things that she can take away from every point that is made in this article. I get stressed out, but I tend to deal with it better than most. I agree that being organized will help a lot and dealing with issues rather than letting them build up.
    Thank you for this

    1. Hi Jason,
      I am so sorry to hear about your wife. My husband has high blood pressure too and he is 38 so I can understand. Finding ways to relax is very important for your wife and there are many things I write about on in my blog that I hope you will find useful. I wish you both all the best!

  2. I understand very well. Stress has caused me to make some bad decisions in life. But thanks to friends and family they helped me get through it. I found the article about how stress is good for you very interesting as well. I thought it boost brain power like I feel more focused under pressure. Thanks for clearing up those myths too. I thought anxiety was just stress time 10 lol.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      I am glad you have people around you to get through times of need, that is one of the best ways to overcome something. We only look at stress in a bad way but when you think about it our body has its own defense mechanism and that is all it is doing helping us fight. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love these tips. A couple that I really like is (1) Stress is not good for you. I to believe that all stress is not bad stress. Some stresses can lead to laser focus and cause you to work harder and smarter. It is all about managing that stress to your benefit.

    I also liked (2) Only major symptoms require medical attention. This is definitely not true as you mentioned. I use to work in the medical field for years and I can tell you first hand that minor aches, pains, and other related symptoms that seem small can be signs of medical issues and without the proper diagnosis they can lead to huge medical problems.

    Thanks for sharing such awesome tips. This is the time of the year that these tips really can come in handy.

    1. Hi Nate,
      I think that may be one of the best things about stress is how it helps you work harder. I like a challenge and I think stress if embraced can be turned around for the good. Stress, after all, is how we decide how to handle a situation. You are right, minor problems can not only lead to bigger problems but may be a sign of one. I went to college for Medical Assisting and too many medical issues have minor issues that many ignore. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Really a great post on stress! Your comments on bad experiences being the only causes of stress are so true. I’m really kind of dreading Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the HUGE stress it always puts on my girlfriend and myself.

    But, there definitely are ways to reduce your stress levels. I’ll take your advice about simplifying my schedule because I think being better organize can really help a person get a hold of their stress and anxiety.

    1. Hi Alex,
      I use to get more stressed about the holidays until my kids got old enough to help, lol! Okay, sort of true them helping does really help and I can enjoy myself. I hope your girlfriend can find ways to reduce some of her stress so she can enjoy herself and not be stressed.

      Being organized is really helpful not just with stress but ensuring you get everything you need to be done in time so why wouldn’t we want to be more organized. Thanks for the comment and I wish you and your girlfriend all the best!

  5. I have a rare and deadly autoimmune that is triggered by stress so you might think I know this animal well, but these myths get in the way. Yes for sure “good” stress is just as much a problem. My autoimmune usually flares at Christmas and that’s when it started. Great to see all these myths gathered in one place because it shows that the key is the balance, which is hard to do in this stressful world. But knowing the myths are a big step forward. Nice work, thank you.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your condition but I can sympathize. I am epileptic and when I am stressed I have seizures even on meds so I take lots of precautions to try not to become stressed. We all need to know where to start so we know how to proceed. Thanks for your comment and I wish you all the best, take care!

  6. This is a great article. Can you give me a couple tips on how to relieve stress? I have really bad anxiety and it comes and goes even when I am not feeling stressed.

    1. Hi Crystal,
      I am sorry to hear about your anxiety. If you are looking for a few stress relief tips you can read here. Meditation is great for stress and anxiety. There are many different posts you can find on my blog to help. Please take care of yourself and thanks for the comment!

  7. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing such an excellent topic. It seems that every mother can relate to this. Stress is really not at all good for health. I will share this article and I am sure everyone will benefit from it.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I agree I think all mothers have to, unfortunately, deal with stress but becoming educated about the issue can make facing it a lot easier. Thanks for the comment!

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