I remember when my first child was born I was anxious about everything. Will he get sick, how do I bathe him, and is it okay to let him cry? One of the things I think most of us parents worry about is taking baby outside for the first time. We want to be as safe as we can with our children and taking our baby outside is a very important decision for us. Just like every stress of being a first-time parent, with something as concerning as this mom and dad would like to be as prepared as possible before making their first trip. So here are some great tips from a contributed post to help you prepare for your first time stepping out with your baby. 


Having a newborn baby is an adventure like no other, but you know what’s a big adventure? Taking them out for the first time! You might have spent the first month or two happily ensconced in your cocoon at home, with your beautiful child, but now, the reality is creeping in. You’ve got to go to the shops, or you’ve got to go and register the birth, and whatever your reason for going out, it can be a very stressful trip. How can you make it a success story and not a horror one?


Prepare First

Have you got everything ready for a successful journey? If you’re going out in the car, no doubt you’ve already thought about the car seat situation, but if that’s completely escaped you, and you’ve got to go far away, the pressure to pick a car seat that’s cheap is not always going to result in the best decision. There are so many car seats you can pick, http://theburpcloth.com/graco-4ever-car-seat-review is one of the more popular on the market now. But make sure that you test it all out first. If you don’t have everything in place, then you’re better off being safe instead of sorry. Going out in the car with your child can be very stressful if it’s just the two of you, so either have your partner drive or come along for the ride.


Check With The Health Professional

It’s always best to make sure that your health visitor can give you the go-ahead to make sure that it’s okay to go out. They can let you know if there are any issues with the baby when you take them out for the first time. A common concern is immunizations and its side effects, or if the immune system is strong enough to cope with certain weather conditions.


Make It A Quick Journey

It’s going to be stressful for you, so make sure it’s a quick one. Instead of making it a long journey, why don’t you get your energy up by making small trips around your neighborhood? If something happens, or your baby needs diaper changing, you can rush back home. But it’s always best to have a comprehensively packed diaper bag, regardless of how short a journey you’re going.


Minimize Your Stress

There is no doubt about it, it’s a very stressful thing to do for the first time. There are many stress relief techniques you can take advantage of, but while we haven’t got the opportunity to go and meditate for 20 minutes, let alone have two minutes to ourselves, the best immediate solution is box breathing. There is a handy article on box breathing at https://www.healthline.com/health/box-breathing and it’s a very quick and effective way to calm you down when you are on the go. No doubt after your first trip out, you will feel exhausted, so give yourself that time to calm down afterward.


Taking your baby out for the first time is a big mountain to climb, every mother will tell you that. But you have to do it sooner rather than later, and while it can be extremely overwhelming, it’s the first step towards coping with your child in social situations.



One way to alleviate any stress is to always first prepare. Preparing for your first time out with baby will help you make sure you have everything ready alleviating the stress of dealing with it during the stress. Having someone with you for your first trip is a great way to help you feel less anxious as you get used to this new change. My first time out with my son was to the doctor and it was difficult getting used to carrying my son in the car seat, especially because I was still healing from my C-section, so I appreciated having my mom with me. 

It is recommended that you do not take your little one out to places like the mall or restaurants until she is 6 to 8 weeks old but it is okay to take her out for air from day one. Check with your pediatrician to see when it is best to take your little one out and take precaution when dealing with strangers. I kept my son in his car seat or stroller with a blanket on him and didn’t let people get in his face.

Making the trips small is a useful way to make sure you don’t run out of the things you need for the baby such as bottles for feeding time and it will help you prepare for larger ones. Children get tired so imagine keeping them out for long hours around noise. Be sure to prepare the trip with items to help keep baby pacified if you have to have your baby out for long hours. 

Taking baby out for the first time can make you anxious but it doesn’t have to make you stressed. Make sure you prepare for everything you need beforehand to help you make the trip as smooth as possible. If you feel you are getting stressed try meditating to help you get things back under control.

Have you ever had a stressful first time outing with your baby? Are there any tips I have missed that could help make baby’s first outing less stressful?

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2 thoughts on “Taking Baby Outside – Preparing for Baby’s First Time Out”

  1. Hi Melissa, such a lovely article. Having two toddlers now, I can totally relate. I remember when my wife and I are very excited for our first born. I think we packed more than we would use. But interestingly, we missed out on the baby car seat on the very first day out. It was so funny. And yes, we had to call our Pedia to ask for guidance. Now for our second, because we have been “warned” by the experience, it was relatively smoother. But still, because each baby is different, there was still a learning curve. Overall, it was the journey that mattered and how we as new parents were able to pull it off =) Thank you for this. I’ll share this with my brother who recently became a dad. He will have a quick reference on what to do and to expect =)

    1. Hi JR,
      I honestly miss what it felt like and the journeys I took as a parent, all my kids are school age and almost adults, because it was a new adventure. Though the first trip out with my first child was scary, getting through it felt like a great accomplishment as a parent, as was every new thing I had to learn. The stress you go through can be good because it gives you the motivation to do what you have to as a parent. I am glad you found the article useful and I wish, your family, and your brother and his family all the best!

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