Stress Relief Tips

Don’t worry dads, these tips apply to you too!

Stress is almost hard to avoid when you are a mother. Just think about it –  kids, dinner, work, cleaning, should I go on? With all the responsibilities that come with being a mother how can you not become stressed, right? And it doesn’t help that you have everyone telling you to STOP STRESSING! How do you stop something that is inevitable?

The key is Managing it. In order to manage something, you must first understand it. So, first things first…


What is Stress?

We usually refer to “stress” as things that have become too much to bear or when we feel overloaded in our life. But what you may not have known is, stress has a deeper psychological and physical meaning. When the body suffers too much stress, it can lead to physical and psychological health issues.

As a mother, you can’t afford either of those.


Stress Affects Your Body

Some common examples of stressful situations are marital problems, the death of a loved one, health problems, and financial problems.

These stresses can cause emotional and physiological reactions which make them psychological stresses. When they cause physical reactions it is referred to as physical stress.

Common symptoms of physical stress include;

At least one of these symptoms most of us mothers have faced at least once. Am I right?

Chronic stress takes a toll on our bodies, our jobs, our relationships, and even our children. As a mother, if you don’t deal with your stress you teach your children to do the same.

So, what next?

How to Manage Your Stress?

Finding ways to manage your stress will not only help you avoid health issues it will help you teach your children healthy habits.

In this site, we will discuss many different stress relief tips. Here are a few tips to explore that have worked for me and others. See what works best for you and you may find some things of your own that work.

Don’t let stress take over your life, take over your stress!

Let us Mothers, manage a stress-free life, so we can take care of a stress-free home!

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. All feedback is welcome!