Children, they are the brightest things in the world, aren’t they? I mean they have so much energy and not a care in the world. Or so you would think. Children actually do have cares in the world and some of these cares can cause them to stress. So as parents wouldn’t you want to learn the best tips for stress management for children as soon as you could? I know I would. I try to learn all I can to help my children learn how to deal with their stress now so it is easier for them when they reach my age and this contributed post provides three great tips. 

I always think it’s very upsetting when you see children feeling stressed. If someone is stressed before they have a job, a mortgage, and bills to pay, then you know something is wrong. It’s so important that you help your children deal with stress, no matter how old they are. Please read the points below if you want to do this. Similarly, many of the points will help prevent stress in young children too.

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Make Them Their Favorite Meal

Stressed kids can feel really down about life, so they need something to pick them up. By making them their favorite meal, or taking them to their favorite restaurant, you provide the pick-me-up they need. It makes them happy and content. In many ways, it’s the definition of comfort food as it comforts them while they’re stressed. Plus, the dinner table is a great place to have conversations with your kids. There’s nowhere for them to run, so it’s the best chance to ask about their day. This gives them the ability to talk about what happened and let go of some of the emotions they’re holding in. It doesn’t seem like much, but simply talking about their day can also relieve a lot of stress.

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Do Something Exciting And Adventurous

A great way to reduce stress in kids is to release endorphins and get them feeling excited and happy. This makes the worry melt away, and they’ll feel a lot better. I believe it’s a good idea to do things that are quite adventurous and really gets their heart pumping. Going out in the field on a quad bike is a great idea, or possibly buying them a mini dirt bike that they can ride around on to release some stress from time to time. Is this dangerous? Well, if you look at this kids’ dirtbikes comparison chart, you’ll see the engine size is very small and harmless. Plus, you’ll be supervising them, or you can go to a proper track and have professional supervision and guidance too. I just feel like something along these lines helps blow off steam and reduce/prevent stress in kids.

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Support Their Studies

No matter how old your child is, they can always do with some help from mom and dad. More often than not, school is the main cause of stress in kids. I even wrote a piece about homework and stress before, it’s a common issue. As a parent, if you support them during their studies, you help lessen the load bearing down on them. You don’t have to do all their work for them – in fact, that’s highly discouraged – but just help them out now and then. Who knows, you could help them find the answer to a question that was stressing them out for hours.


All three of these ideas are great if you want to help a child that’s feeling stressed. They help provide comfort, excitement, and support. The worst thing you can do is take a back seat and do nothing to assist your child. No matter their age, it’s always up to you to look after them and ensure they’re mentally okay.



As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child and the last thing you want is to see them stressed, I know I don’t. As surprising as it is children have a lot of reasons to be stressed and most of their stress happens when they are out of your presence. 

So as parents you want to do your best to support and help teach your children how to deal with their stress the sooner the better. 

Spend as much time with your children communicating and finding out what may be stressing them out so you can help them resolve their issues. Prevention may be the best way to help them but if you can’t prevent their stress be their shoulder to cry on. Talking out issues always helps.

Giving children activities to help distract them is another great way to reduce their stress levels. The more distracting the better. 

Lastly, homework is important to our children’s development but unfortunately, it can be stressful. So do your best as parents to help support your children in their studies without helping them too much as to where you are doing their work for them.

If you feel your child is stressed beyond your help, talk to their school counselor or get them professional help. Our child’s stability is our responsibility and we should do everything in our power to make sure they are healthy both physically and mentally. 

Do you have a go-to activity you use when your child is stressed? I would love to hear your tips below.

4 thoughts on “Stress Management for Children – 3 Ways to Help Your Kid Deal With Stress”

  1. When kids are stressed, usually they just need more attention, and someone to listen. I love your suggestion of making them their favorite meal – good way to get a “captive” audience and also to show love and nurturing!

    1. Hi Penelope,
      I agree children can always use attention and someone to listen to them, that is very useful to their well-being. My children love when I make their favorite meals and my daughter even likes to come in the kitchen and help. It is a great way to bond and like you said show love and nurturing.

  2. Wow, such a great read and a really common problem with kids nowadays. Thank you so much for sharing this, I think we as parents have to be active and should give more time to our kids and take them as our top priority. We usually give gadgets to our kids to spend time on, that is also a leading cause of depression in kids and you have mentioned really good points to get involved along with kids. I really love your article.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I agree spending time with our kids is really important and they should definitely be our top priority. We should do everything we can to make sure they are well mentally and physically.

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