Often times when you are raising children, you develop a keen sense for a lot of things. You can tell when your child is scared, sick, or even worried. But some health issues, such as vision problems, can be difficult to detect and will require the medical diagnosis of a professional. Your child’s eye health is very important to their overall performance in school and is something you want to pay close attention to, so in this contributed post we have provided some signs your child may need glasses that you can look out for. These will even be useful signs for yourself! 

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You never want to admit that your child has health issues, however, sometimes it is something you simply cannot avoid. Not everyone is born with a great set of lungs, perfect hearing or 20:20 vision, and sometimes your child might need a little help to make sure they can live life to the fullest.


If you want to tell whether or not your child needs an eye exam this year, there are a lot of different tells which you can look out for. Watch your child closely for the next week or so and if you spot any of the signs below, it will be worth booking them in for an exam.



If when your child starts to read something or try to focus on something, they start to squint or they close an eye, this is a sign that their eyes struggle to focus together and they need to wear glasses.


They hold things close to their face

Ideally when reading a book you should be able to read at arm’s length, however, if you notice that your child holds their book very close to their face instead of holding it in a relaxed manner this could be a sign that your child is shortsighted.



Sometimes the signs of issues with the eyes are more than simply watching your child moving around and seeing how they interact with things. If your child is constantly straining their eyes to see and read, they will start to develop headaches and they will also develop some nausea. If they complain of feeling ill all of the time and that their head hurts, it could be down to their eyesight.



There are some children who are born pretty clumsy and there is nothing you can really do about it, however, clumsy children will always learn eventually and their hand-eye coordination will get better with time. If you have a child who frequently bumps into things and knocks things over, you might have a child who cannot see properly.


Using their finger on books

If you watch your child reading one afternoon you can gain a lot of insight into how their eyesight is and how they are doing. If you notice that your child is using their finger on the page as a place marker, this can indicate that they struggle to focus their eyes on a single word without some sort of guidance and therefore that they need some help with their eyes.


Dropping grades

If your child suddenly starts to show a decline in grades, there can be more than one reason for this. The first and most obvious is of course that your child isn’t paying attention in school and they need some help with the subjects. However, another explanation can be that your child struggles to see. If the teacher explains things by writing them on a board, your child might not be able to see this properly and therefore they might not grasp the concept as well as other children in the class. Make sure to get them in for an eye test as soon as you can.



Children need optimal vision performance in order to perform well in school. Although eye exams are often performed at your child’s school, it is often important for you to be aware of your child’s eye health. Eye exams are just as important as regular physical exams and it is also important that once glasses are obtained, your child has regular eye check-ups to maintain their eye health.

Undiagnosed vision problems can make it difficult for your child to perform well in school. So if you suspect your child may need glasses you should schedule an appointment with an eye professional as soon as possible.

Is there another sign a child may need glasses that I left of the list? Share your thoughts below!

4 thoughts on “6 Signs Your Child Needs Glasses”

  1. A very good job of explaining these eyesight problems. They affect many children and are hard to detect on our own. I have just had two of my children to get eye exams and glasses before school starts. I am glad you put this post out at this time it was very much needed.

    1. Hi Fred,
      That is a perfect time to get your children’s eyes examed, before school. They really need to be able to perform their best in school and poor eyesight can really affect our children’s school performance. I am glad you found the article useful and I thank you for the comment.

  2. Hey Melissa,

    Great post again! Our sight is so important and I agree you need to really check on your childs eyes every few months. I am one of the lucky one’s. I just turned 60 and have never need glasses. Still seeing perfectly.

    On the other hand my daughter needed glasses when she was 14. her mother had glasses at the same age. I was lucky I guess. I drink plenty of carrot juice too! Keep the great posts coming,


    1. Hi Kevin,
      It is so true, our eyesight is very important. That is so awesome how you have never needed glasses. I am not so lucky, I have needed glasses since 12 and my children all need them. I believe the hereditary thing to be so true. I should have listened and eaten more carrots I guess. Thanks for the comment!

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