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The first of the year is a time when most of us try to make goals that will help us turn more attention to our lives. Resolutions are often a promise to yourself to either start doing something good or stop doing something bad and are usually centered on weight loss, sleep, and stress.  But most of these promises are short lived. We usually try to make too drastic of changes that end up with us giving up too soon. So here is a list of popular new year resolutions for health that are not only easy to make but easy to keep.

Go to Bed 15 Minutes Early

You are probably already aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep to keep you in a good mood, but sleep does more for your health than you may be aware of. Lack of sleep can not only make you grumpy and foggy but it can cause car accidents and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So getting enough sleep every day should be your number one priority. But making a resolution to get more sleep is not a very specific goal and makes it a lot less realistic. But setting a resolution to go to bed 15 minutes early, this not only gives you a set goal to work towards but it makes it easier to start it and continue doing it.

Drink more water

Drink Water. Woman's Hand Pouring Water From Pitcher Into Glass

All of our organs including our brain require water to function properly so when you don’t get enough water not only are you putting yourself at risk for health problems you are setting yourself up to be more stressed. But getting enough water every day for some of us doesn’t always seem possible. Is this for a lack of trying?

By keeping water more accessible you will find it much easier to get the needed amount of water in you daily. Keep a water bottle at your desk or next to your bed and when you are feeling parched take a sip.

Not sure how much water you should drink per day? Click here.

Incorporate exercise into your routine

Most of us have said we were going to lose weight or exercise more during the new year but still have trouble finding the time to exercise. But is there a simpler way to “find” time to exercise.

By making simple changes in your activities you could be exercising more each day. For instance, do you use the stairs or the elevator? That simple change could add 2 minutes to your day. Do you walk to your mailbox or drive? Just that walk up your driveway could add another 2 minutes up your driveway. So finding ways add little active moments in your life make it easier to stay active.

Go here to learn 9 Easy Ways to Sneak in Exercise 

Clear some clutter

Another culprit of stress is a cluttered home so cutting down on your clutter will not only save you stress but improve your mood. Which makes it easier to fall asleep at night. But taking on the whole house is too much at one time, so set a goal to tackle one project at a time and before you know it you will have a clutter-free home.

Read Here For Tips On How To Tackle Your Clutter

Save Money

Saving money may be one of the most desired but difficult resolutions to keep. In 2015 over 72% of Americans were worried about their finances and found it difficult to deal with them. Having no money for emergencies is one of the top financial stressors and people who live paycheck to paycheck find it hard to even start.

But saving money doesn’t have to be that difficult. Putting away even $20 is a great place to start. Try to cut down on things like credit card spending and make a plan of the things you really need. Even cutting down on your cable bill really does help put extra money back in your pockets.

Click Here For 100 Ways to Save Money

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Making resolutions is a change of behavior and in order to make them work that requires a change of thinking. You rely on that fact that when you lose that weight your life will get better and when that doesn’t happen this causes you to get upset and you go back to your old ways.

How to Make your Resolutions Work

Successful change requires successful planning, so if you are going to try a new year’s resolution, below are some tips to help you make them work.

  1. Take it one resolution at a time, focus on one instead of several.
  2. Set a realistic and specific goal. Losing weight is not very specific or realistic resolution. Instead, say you will lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks.
  3. Don’t wait so long to make your resolution. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve, make it a year long, everyday process.
  4. Take small steps. If you put too much on yourself it will make you more likely to give up.
  5. Have someone close to you that can hold you accountable, someone you can report to.
  6. Celebrate your self at a milestone, don’t wait until the goal is finished. Treat yourself, and I don’t mean with food.
  7. Change your way of thinking by focusing on your new behaviors.
  8. Live for the present and focus on now. What is something you can do towards your goal now?
  9. Be mindful of now. Become aware of your inner state physically, emotionally, and mentally. Take each step moment by moment.


Making New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be difficult. Take steps to make a goal that is realistic so it is attainable. Losing weight is a great resolution but you have to have a specific goal to reach so you can hang in there both physically and mentally. Saving money is something we all need to help relieve our financial stress but you have to find a realistic way to reach this goal.

Your health is important and you can take the steps to make a new focus on you this coming year. Don’t wait until next year to get started on you, you can always start today.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions in mind for next year? Were any of your goals on this list? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

27 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions for Health – 5 Easy to Make and Keep Resolutions”

  1. Add exercise, save money. Those are my two big resolutions every year. For whatever reason, it’s just easier to gain weight and lose money than lose weight and gain money! Must be human nature. Thanks for the practical tips on how to hold it together and make 2018 the year of the superperson!

    1. We put too much on ourselves at one time, that is why we fail. Instead of making our goals more specific so we can stay motivated through our milestones, we make these general unattainable goals. Lose weight- how, when, why? If we do not answer these questions with our resolution we have nothing to keep a track of. Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Melissa. In your steps about holding to the resolutions we make, I appreciated your plug for accountability. I know that I am more likely to exercise if I have a friend or family member exercise with me. Having another person counting on me to perform motivates me to stick with whatever resolution I have, whether health-related or otherwise. I also agree with your point of making goals specific rather than general. If I say I’m going to make my business more successful as a resolution, that is not specific enough for me to track any progress in reaching my goal. Instead, I may say, “I’m going to learn how to successfully incorporate social media into the daily workings of my website by the first week of January.” The latter method has given me a specific measure of success, and a deadline. Wonderful Article, thanks again!

    1. Hi Clint,
      You hit the nail on the nose and I love your examples. You are right we must have something specific enough to measure our success. This helps keep us motivated. I appreciate you finding this article useful and I think you for your comment. I wish you all the best in 2018.

  3. My main resolution this year is to switch to more natural products. I started in November. I also always make the resolution to try something new. That’s always fun. I’m going to stay away from the typical “lose weight” resolution and maybe just try to eat healthier or less sugar. Thanks for this list. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Misti,
      Those resolutions are perfect! Very realistic. Cutting down sugar is much easier than saying “Imma lose weight” because before you know it you will have lost weight anyway. You would be surprised the things you can simply change and get results from. As for natural products, I am with you on that and I love that resolution. I wish you all the best with your goals in 2018. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, awesome article Melissa. I have become a regular reader of your articles. You always discuss everyday common stress issues that we all mums face. I agree with each and every point written in this article. Thank you for sharing all this with us and keep up the superb work.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much! I am glad you found this information useful and I wish you a successful 2018!

  5. My girl and I were just talking about a new years resolution. I told her mine was to get 8pack abs, not eat fast food, drink, and not hit the snooze alarm.

    Hers was “IDK if I want to make one… because what if I break it?

    I’m about to share this site with her. =)

    1. Hehe, that is a cute answer. I would love to do the “not eat fast food” thing but I have one weakness- pizza. I have to have it once a month, that is not bad right, lol, just kidding. I wish you and your girl all the best in 2018. You guys can do it!!! 😀

  6. You definitely hit on a couple of my goals. I’m not very cluttered but my organization is lacking, so organization is one of my resolutions. The other resolution is saving money, I actually did this successfully in the past but fell off course. So I resolve to save 10 percent of my income, pay myself first and live off the rest.

    1. Hi Keith,
      That sounds perfect, don’t forget to pay yourself. I think 10% is great. I want to pick up a couple of these resolutions but I will start with one at a time. Have a Happy New Year and I wish you all the best with your resolutions.

  7. I have been looking for information like this for my friend, I will show her this so she can follow it and hopefully she will!

    1. Hi Kody,
      I hope your friend will find this information useful and I wish you and her all the best and a Happy New Year! Thanks for the comment! 😀

  8. After reading this, the water thing got me. I promise you I have not had the flu in almost 5 years. I donate plasma and they told me where I go I need to drink more water. Low and behold this week I caught the flu. It was no fun. So I believe the power of hydration is real in more ways than one. So my New Years resolution is to stay hydrated. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Yes, hydration provides many benefits to your body, al your organs need to be hydrated including your brain not to mention your blood. I am so sorry you got the flu but at least you are taking steps for better health. I will be staying hydrated with you. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Hello Sarah, short-lived resolutions sure for many of us. Sometimes health or financial reasons push you to do it.

    Going to bed early is on my agenda, I know it’s bad and a bad habit to go bed late.
    Saving money! Well, I take the resolution to make enough money first, saving after.

    One thing is for sure I will continue exercise and concentrate on what I am doing, WA is a goal for me now, see if I can make this resolution be successful.

    Happy new resolutions new year

  10. Good idea, nicely done.

    Comments on websites in 2018 is one of my resolution, and you are the first.

    1. Hehe, well I feel honored! Thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best in 2018. 😀

  11. Nicely done!

    Hello, yes every year resolutions are taken, but most of them fail.
    My resolution this year is to go bed earlier, I am used to go to bed late and I know that’s not good.
    Saving money! well sure, but before thinking of saving, I better take the resolution to make money.
    I promise myself to concentrate on what I am doing, on WA this is a goal I have to be more concentrated.

    Happy new year resolutions

    Hope to read you soon

    1. Hi Joel,
      I use to go to bed really late. Mainly because I wouldn’t get off the computer I was so excited about this blog. But it takes a toll on your health. I finally got myself in bed and I found that I like the mornings better. I understand because it is easier to save when you have. I wish you all the best this New Year. Happy new year resolutions! 😀

  12. Hey Melissa,

    I never knew that lack of sleep could lead to diabetes. I’m 33 so I got to start taking better care of myself. My father has diabetes so I have heard that it runs in the family. I know that I work a lot of long hours and usually only get 5 hours of sleep each night and I know that it probably isn’t enough sleep.

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stating going to the gym 2 times a week, eating less fast food, and obviously get more sleep. I believe if I got up a little earlier and worked out in the morning it would be easier for me to fall asleep at night.

    1. Hi Garen,
      Sleep is very important and a lack of sleep can cause things like a poor mood and also an increase in headaches. My neurologist gets on me about my sleep because for me a lack of sleep can also put me at risk for seizures. So sleep plays a big part in your health in many different ways. I believe sleep is time for your body and brain to rejuvenate and if you don’t get that correct time you pay for it in the way you function and it makes it hard to work at your optimal performance. Working out is a great way to make sure you fall asleep at night. Here are some more tips to help you fall asleep. I think your resolutions are great and very attainable and I wish you all the best this 2018. Thanks for the comment! 😀

  13. Hi Melissa, this is just a great article and it comes well-timed, I love it. Over the years I have made the first 3 part of my daily routine such as getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and cutting stress, but I’m definitely going to work on the others. Every point you make here is so right, we must build new neural pathways in our brain to make things a habit and we can only do that by repetition, and you’ve given us some easy ways to start doing that.

    I know for a fact that the decluttering one works as having a good clear out does actually clear your mind and everything else, I don’t know how, but it does. When I cleared my wardrobes and drawers out of all my old clothes not long ago, I actually slept soundly and was able to start getting a lot more work done in general just from that simple act. Crazy hey! So now I need to start with the rest of the house 🙂

    1. Hi Stefanie,
      Decluttering can be a hard task to tackle because for one it clutter is pretty habitual. SO changing your way of thinking is the first step. I learned this first hand because I use to hold on to babies clothes and old items that took up too much space and it stressed me out. Now it is much easier to get rid of things and a lot less stressful. You are right you sleep much more soundly. Thanks for the comment!

  14. Resolutions can be difficult to keep up but not impossible. I keep my list short and realistic. Having positive people around you also help a lot. Having a clean space at home or at work makes it easier to live and work. I also used to go to bet late, for next year I will go to bed early and try to be more productive during the morning. A friend of mine sleeps at 9 pm, wakes up at 3 or 4 am and starts her day and is very successful.

    1. Hi Dira,
      That is great that you set realistic and short resolutions, those are the easiest to keep. And yes a clean space does make it easier to work and live. I find I get my best work done when I wake up at 5 a.m. before my children get up because the house is nice and quiet. The morning seems like the best time to do everything so I can believe that your friend is very active and the very cool. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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