When you were a child you probably hated brushing your teeth. So the tables have turned and you are trying to get your child to do the same. Now you understand what your parents went through. But you understand through experience how important it is to brush your teeth so you want to do everything it takes to help your child. Well, you’re in luck! This contributed post provides 5 tips to motivate your child to brush that can help take some of the stress of arguing with them every night of your hands. 

Children just don’t seem to want to look after their teeth do they? I am not exactly sure why they don’t want their mouths to feel fresh, but you can possibly relate to the fact that you seem to moan more about children brushing their teeth than anything else, am I right? However, as parents, we know that it is so important, so I wanted to share with you some of the best tips to keep your children interested in their dental care.

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Allow them to choose their own brush

A great tip would be to allow your child to choose their own brush. This really gets them involved in the whole process of brushing and why it is important. I guess there is some psychology behind this move as well. Enabling them to choose their brush means they are taking some ownership on the matter. They chose their brush, perhaps in their favourite colour or character, and so they may be more encouraged to use it.


Keep up with regular dental check-ups

The most important aspect of dental care is to keep up with regular appointments. This is when children can develop a little fear of the dentist because it can feel like the unknown, which then, in turn, can make them feel a little unsure about it. Looking into places like dentists fishers in your local area could be the best move. Regular appointments mean they get used to the dentist and also helps you to keep track of their dental health.


Lead by example

Children pick up a lot from their parents, and so you may want to consider what you are doing in front of your children. Brushing with them is a great way for them to learn suitable actions for brushing their teeth and also how long they should be doing it for. Setting the right example will help children to feel like brushing their teeth is part of a normal routine for them instead of wanting to avoid it.


Make brushing less of a chore

Maybe your children feel like brushing their teeth is a bit of chore, which is probably one of the reasons they try and avoid it. So make it less of a bad thing to do by using tech like smartphone applications. There are specially designed apps for encouraging children to brush their teeth, playing videos with their favourite characters for the recommended amount of time for brushing.


Explain the importance of good dental health

Finally, one of the best ways for children to understand the importance of brushing their teeth is to for you to explain the importance of it. This means making them aware of might happen if they don’t keep up with regular brushing, and how they want to ensure they have good teeth for when they are older. Children pick up on things and are smarter than they seem.


I hope that this helps you to encourage your children to take better care of their teeth.


I am sure most, if not all, of us parents can relate to the dilemma of trying to get our children to brush their teeth every night. The funny thing is that no matter how hard you try to explain to them how important it is to brush their teeth they just don’t get it. So it takes a lot more than just a lecture. 

Children love being involved in things and choosing their own toothbrush is a great way to make brushing their teeth motivating. With all the different toothbrush options, I am sure you can find a toothbrush your child will love. 

Going to the dentist can be scary for anyone but children’s dentist specialize in helping make your children’s experience easy. Plus the more they go the easier each visit will be. 

I always stress how important it is to set an example. Children are like sponges and they soak up everything we do, good and bad. So when they see our healthy habits it motivates them to make the same choices. 

There are many ways to encourage your child the importance of good dental hygiene from television shows to games. Do whatever it takes to help your child understand that the dangers of not taking care of their teeth and encourage them when they stay consistent. 

Do you have a tip you use to help make dental care motivating for your child? Let’s discuss it below!

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