Children are amazing, aren’t they? I mean they learn so much and they grow up so fast. But along the way, there are a lot of things that can concern us, parents. Like some of the most common health issues in children can have us so worried that we often find ourselves stressed out and passing that stress onto our children. So in this contributed post, we will talk about three common health problems children faces and how to keep your cool.

There are always going to be occasions when your kid suddenly has some kind of a minor health problem or something to do with their body which is a little of a nuisance. The rate at which these kinds of things crop up can mean that you often find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by it all – but the good news is that there is always plenty you can do to keep on top of it and keep your cool.

Basically, the most effective way to keep your cool is to make sure that you are as well prepared as possible, that you know what to do in each case and how to do it, and just take action. As long as you do that, you don’t really need to worry about what it is, because you are just doing what is necessary regardless. Let’s take a look at three common problems and what you can do to keep your cool and fix the issue.


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Head Lice

This is something that, for most children, is going to creep up time and time again, regardless of what you try and do to stop it from happening. That’s why the first thing to remember here is that you may as well stop worrying about it to a certain degree. Ultimately, they might well pick up nits from time to time, and no matter what you do they’ll come back again. At some point, they will stop, so for now, just worry about treating each case as it comes.

Of course, there are some effective management strategies which you should absolutely consider, such as keeping their hair short and using professional lice treatment like NitWits, and you should carry out these by all means. With any luck, next time will be the last time.


Scrapes & Bruises

Something that often comes as a shock to many mothers is just how worrying it can be when your child suffers a minor bruise or scrape. Even though logically you know that it is not a major deal, instinctively you feel entirely different, and your protective instincts come in to take over. If your child comes home with bruises and scrapes, it is best not to let them see you being overly worried, as it will only worry them in turn – and in the long run, maybe even make them feel guilty without knowing why. Instead, just calmly apply bandages and whatever else needs doing, and make sure that they are okay.


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The Cold

From time to time your child will also develop a cold, and when they are particularly young you might find that you are a little worried about it. However, the cold is unlikely to cause them any major harm as long as you look after them when they have it. All you need to do is what you would do for anyone who has a cold, and just make sure that they do not move around too much either. Their cold will pass, and their immune system will have strengthened, so in that sense, it is actually pretty good news.



Health issues can be very concerning for a parent but with the right planning, you can be prepared. You can’t prevent most situations your children face but with preparation, it can help prevent the worry and stress that comes along while caring for your children when they face different health problems.

When your children fall and get scrapes and bruises the first thing you want to do is run right over and ease their pain. When my kids were younger I didn’t want to let them ride bikes or skateboards because I was afraid of them getting hurt. But I remembered, I got scrapes and bruises and I turned out just fine. 

When my children are sick, it makes it hard for me to sleep or function knowing they don’t feel good. But having items on hand to care for them makes getting through the situation a lot easier. When you are calm it helps your children to remain calm and it can ease their fears.

Children can pick up on our fears and worries. So next time you face a common health issue with your child, just remember, that cold will eventually pass and those scrapes and bruises will eventually heal. What’s important is that you show your children that they have the loving and calm support they need to get through it and everything will be okay.

Do you get anxious or stressed when your children face health problems? Do you think you could handle things better? I would love to talk about your experiences and tips below!



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