Our children learn a lot of things from us parents good and bad but there are some things, in particular, we want our children to understand by the time they reach adulthood. In this contributed post we will discuss five life lessons to teach your kids that they can start learning as toddlers.

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We don’t like to think anything is impossible, but it is impossible to describe the responsibility and love your shoulder when you become a parent. You are ‘literally’ bringing another human being into the world – a living, breathing, excited, nervous and perfect human being – and it is your subsequently up to you to do your absolute utmost over the next 18 years and beyond to help them be the best version of them they can be. You need to help them navigate the tricky world of society and be able to remain true to themselves and happy. It’s frightening.


This is the next generation of people. The next generation of social-changers, world-leaders, policy-makers, and world-savers. Knowing that, how are you meant to describe the responsibility you have.


Unfortunately, we can’t answer that. But what we can do, all of us is pass on some of the valuable life lessons we’ve learned in the hope they will help guide our little ones to be successful in whatever way you interpret that word. So, here goes:


  1. Never Give Up

It can be so tempting to give up on things. It’s the easy thing to do. Especially in today’s society when we crave instant-gratification. But it’s not over until you say so. It doesn’t matter if your a late-bloomer or a slower-learner, not happy in school or struggling to know who you are – so long as you do what’s right and lift others up, you’ll be the big winner in the end.


  1. Respect Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a billionaire or a coffee shop waitress, treat everyone with the same level of respect. The way you treat the littlest people is a testament to your true character. It doesn’t matter what someone does, what they look like, their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, their beliefs or opinions – respect people for who they are and you will be respected.


  1. Ask More Questions

Never stop being curious. Never stop trying to learn more, understand more or boost your knowledge – these are the lifeblood of progress. If you want to learn more about human psychology, head to the library and bury yourself in a book. If you want to know about what to do after a car accident, head to https://www.levininjuryfirm.com and ask the experts. If you want to learn how to play the piano, head to YouTube and look for the best instructor ever. The moment we stop learning we stop growing.


  1. Failure Is Fuel

We love stories where people have turned their setbacks into success stories, and none is better than the Brian Acton story. In 2009, Brian applied for a job at Facebook. He was turned down. 5 years later he sold them WhatsApp for $19 billion. He didn’t get deterred by a setback or a perceived failure. He used it to fuel him. That’s a good lesson to learn.


  1. Always Be Honest

When you grow, you pick up a little more tact in the things you say, how you say them and who you say them too. But it’s imperative you remain honest while doing so. It’s not easy, but while we like caring about the feelings of others, we also believe a painful truth (that will help someone grow) is more desirable than a comfortable lie.


Going to school is a useful way for children to learn a lot of information but there are just some lessons that are best taught by parents. There are a few life lessons that we want to teach our children but the best way to teach your child any lesson is by being a master of them yourself.

Our children look up to us and count on us to lead the way so when we react to things a certain way they believe that is the proper way to react, even if we tell them otherwise. The first lesson is an important one because endurance will be useful in every walk of life. 

We all want our children to respect others including their own siblings. We are often told to respect our elders and be kind to strangers but if we want our children to value this lesson we too must show respect especially for our partners.

In order for your children to learn, they mustn’t be afraid to ask a question or be afraid to fail. We never stop learning and through failure, we learn how to grow. 

One of the biggest lessons we probably try to teach our children is the value of being honest. We often tell them they can tell the truth and we won’t be mad. However, in order to be truly successful at this lessons parents must always be honest.

Other lessons parents can pass on to their children are healthy habits such as exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating the right foods.

It can sometimes be hard to get your children to understand the importance of the lessons you teach them but this is best avoided when you yourself show them that these lessons are attainable. 

What lesson did your parents teach you? Share your thoughts below!


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