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Saunas have been used for centuries for their therapeutic benefits. But in order to enjoy the benefits of a sauna you must go to a spa or a gym and as a mom, you don’t always have the time or the money to do this. But there is a way you can enjoy your own sauna and I am going to show you how to make a sauna at home. This will help you to save the cost and travel.

There are a couple of ways to create a sauna at home. First, you can convert a room into a sauna, but this can be very costly. Second, you could convert an outdoor shed into a sauna which is less costly but will still take a bite out of your pocketbook and as a mom do you really have time for this? The third choice is the easiest and cheapest, you can create a sauna out of your bathtub.

Since moms don’t need the added stress of trying to figure out the first two options, I have chosen to show you how to use the last option. We will be creating a sauna using our bathtub.

I am sure you have taken a nice hot shower and enjoyed the steamy bathroom, well these steps are similar to the that. The only difference is you will get to enjoy a much steamier room.


What you need:

  • Extra towels
  • Washcloth
  • Candles (optional)
  • Essential oils (optional)

Prepare the Space

Step 1 Raise the water heater

In order to ensure you have enough hot water for your sauna turn up your water heater temporarily to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you turn your water heater back down to prevent burns.

Step 2 Choose the space

Choose the smallest bathroom so that the heat and steam can generate faster. Try to choose the bathroom in the warmest part of your home. Preferably with no window.

Step 3 Clean the space

Clean your bathroom so that you have a nice clean and peaceful environment. Wipe down all counters and get rid of all clutter. Only leave out your extra towels, candles, and oils, if you are going to use them.

Step 4 – Create the mood

If possible dim the lights in your bathroom and place some candles around to use to light and to set a peaceful mood and spa-like atmosphere. Use some calming essential oil aromatherapy candles like lavender or vanilla.

Step 4 – Close the bathroom doors

Shut the doors and if necessary close the windows to keep as much of the steam and heat as possible in the bathroom. Use towels to cover up any cracks, like under the bathroom door. Close the linen closet in the bathroom, if you have one. Close the drapes or shades on the window and use towels to cover up any drafts.

Step 5 – Prepare for your Sauna

It is best to take a shower before you enjoy your sauna to enhance your sauna experience and ensure your skin is free from any grease which will keep you from sweating. This will also make sure you remove any makeup from your face that can sweat into your eyes and irritate them.

Remove any jewelry, glasses, or contacts that will keep you from relaxing fully. Glasses can become foggy from the steam and jewelry like rings may get lose from the steam.

Wet the washcloth with cold water and get it ready to use to wipe the sweat from your body and help cool you down as needed.

Step 6 – Prepare your tub

Plug up your bathtubs drain and turn on the hot water. Make sure the hot water handle is turned as high as it will possibly go. If you want to use essential oils, you can add them now to add a relaxing scent to your bathroom.

Great essential oils to use: bundle of lavender

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Vanilla

Keep the shower curtain or door open until the steam fills the room. Turn the water off after the tub is halfway full. If your water turns cold before then turn it off because you do not want to mix the water with cold water.

Step 7 – Enjoy your sauna

Sit next to, not in, the tub of water and enjoy the steam. If you want you can lean over the tub and enjoy the steam. If you want you can relax on the toilet and enjoy the steam filled bathroom for 15 to 20 minutes. Close your eyes and take the time to disconnect from everything. Use the washcloth and wipe down your skin to cool off.

Step 8 – Cooldown

After your sauna follow-up with a lukewarm shower to help your body cool down. After your body cools down you can continue washing yourself the way you normally do with shower gel or soap. Apply a moisturizer to your skin to finish up.

Step 9 – Replenish

During a sauna, your body sweats deeply so it is important to replace those fluids so drink yourself plenty of water afterward.

Safety Tips

  • Leave the room immediately if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Never try to push it always listen to your body.
  • belly tummy of pregnant woman on white background

    Be sure to drink plenty of liquids before and after using a steam room or sauna to replace liquids lost from the deep sweating.

  • If you take prescription drugs, first discuss with your doctor before trying a sauna. Also, do not drink alcohol while using a sauna because you may not be able to tell when you get overheated.
  • Pregnant women or people with heart problems should first discuss with their doctor before trying a  steam room or sauna.
  • Children under five years old should not use a steam room or sauna.



Using a sauna can provide many benefits. First off, it is great for your skin and allows you to get rid of toxins. We all know that steam is great for clearing nasal passages and is a great way to calm you from a stressful day.

You can use a sauna treatment after a workout to soothe achy muscles and help speed up recovery time.

So using a sauna at home is a great way to save you money and travel cost. By using this method you don’t have to worry about an expensive DIY project, it is ready whenever you want to enjoy it.

Though this is no exact substitute for a sauna room in a spa or gym it is a simple way to get the effects of a deep sweat at home.

So what do you think, is this something you can see your self-trying? Or have you already tried this method before? I would love to hear any of your experiences below.

16 thoughts on “How to Make a Sauna at Home – 9 Easy Steps”

  1. THIS is brilliant. So many people can have the spa experience at home, now. I’m one of the lucky ones that have a steam shower in my bathroom, but those are super expensive and this is such an excellent alternative. Just wanna second that no one should be stepping a pinky toe in a bathtub that’s 140 degrees! Thanks for your ingenious creativity.

    1. Hi Penelope,
      A steam shower is absolutely amazing and yes pricey but that would be a great investment. Thanks for sharing and for the comment!

      1. We were lucky enough to find a house with one already built…I don’t honestly know if I’d spend the money to add one to a bathroom, particularly after reading your ingenious sauna bathroom hack 🙂

        1. Hi Penelope,
          I understand, it is expensive but it still would allow you to use it a lot more often.

  2. Oh, My God, What a great article, I never knew before that we can make sauna that easily at home without spending a lot of money. These tips are so so great and worth sharing with others. You are such an intelligent woman and always share very useful yet easy tips for all mums. Thank you so much.

    1. I am glad you find the info useful. Thank you so much for always leaving such kind words, you are so humbling. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  3. You know, reading this I can’t help but wonder why have I never thought of this before, I mean, it seems so straightforward and easy to do. Like I could have my very own spa date in my own house whenever! Though I think I might have a problem with trying this because my bathroom window can’t completely close. But I bet I could find a way to seal it temporarily for this.
    So glad I saw this!

    1. Hi Emmy,
      I totally agree and understand, that happens to me all the time. Imagine the things we would invent if we thought of them first. Hehe! I wish you all the best and I hope you figure it out. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Awesome way to make a sauna! It’d be an excellent way to relax especially when I’ve been feeling a little stressed lately. Never even had a thought that this was possible by only using a bath.

    I’m going to give it a try!

    Thank you:)

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Sorry to hear you have been feeling stressed lately. I am glad you found something useful out of the article. I wish you the best!

  5. Wow, great tips on making your own spa at home! I can certainly use some relaxation time after this long week with crabby children.

  6. As a gym goer, I’ve really enjoyed this article about home saunas.
    I’ll be taking you tips and enjoying a home sauna for sure.

    1. Hi Colin,
      I am glad you got something useful out of the article. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. Hi Melissa, this is really a very helpful article. When it comes to a sauna, the first thing came into our mind it money and budget that not all can afford. You have made the job much much easier by sharing the tips of creating a sauna at home without spending a hell of money. Thank you so much for all these useful tips and advises. I always love reading your articles, keep up the good work…:)

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I am glad you found the article useful. You are right, a lot of us can’t afford things like a visit to a sauna but I am glad there are ways for us to get around that. Thanks for the comment as always!

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