One thing many of us parents (and non-parents) have in common is stress. Whether it be from the responsibilities at home or from trying to balance work with the care of our families, stress is practically unavoidable. Then to make matters worse, there are many health problems caused by stress that we end up trying to overcome because we struggle to manage our stress. The cycle is never-ending.

I am sure you were aware of some of the health issues stress can cause but in this contributed post we will discuss a few more that you were possibly unaware of. Don’t worry there are a few tips to help you deal with them if you find yourself in this predicament. 

Pretty much everybody experiences stress at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a heavy workload in the office, or you’re struggling to make ends meet, stress isn’t nice no matter what your situation is. Did you know that stress not only affects the way that we feel and think? It can bring on many physical problems as well, which can hinder you from living your day to day life normally.

However, while you’re the only person that can sort any stress issues, there are ways that you can alleviate symptoms that come hand in hand with a stressful mind. Take a look at these other health problems that come with stress and how you can deal with them.

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Skin problems

While skin problems aren’t always caused by stress, many people who have underlying and unknown skin conditions often find out that they do when their skin suddenly flares up during a stressful period. Psoriasis, for example, is an autoimmune disease, but many people don’t experience any symptoms until they breakout due to stress.

If you’re experiencing skin problems, see your GP for different options for your condition. You might be put on steroid creams, light therapy, or even injections that can help clear your skin, depending on what your condition is. Remember to moisturize daily for an immediate improvement in the appearance and feel of your skin.


The last thing that anyone wants when they’re not feeling in tip-top condition is to have to worry about being incontinent. Stress can cause bladder weakness which means that any action where pressure is put onto your bladder, you could leak out some urine.

You should certainly speak to your GP if you’re having these issues, or alternatively seek out incontinence treatment so that you can get your problems under control before any embarrassing moments occur.

Loss/growth of appetite

One thing that stress makes people do, is eat. Or not eat. Some people feel like food is a comfort to help them forget about what’s bothering them, while others feel nauseous with stress which puts them off food altogether.

If you’re struggling with overeating, try to pre-plan and pre-make meals so that you’re not snacking on anything that can make you overeat.

If you’re struggling to eat, keep your energy levels up with soft drinks and plain foods that won’t aggravate your sicky feeling.

Dark circles under the eyes

Finally, one of the biggest complaints that people have when they are stressed is dark circles under their eyes, due to lack of sleep.

If taking medication to help you sleep isn’t ideal or you’re not keen on the idea, then consider listening to some hypnosis to help you fall asleep at night.

You should also get into the habit of writing down your worries before you go to bed so that your brain isn’t clogged up with all of your problems. Keeping a diary can really help the mind settle. Many people swear by this method, so give it a go and hopefully, you can catch up on some sleep!


Stress affects our daily functioning in many different ways but chronic stress can take a toll on our bodies. Stress, when left undealt with, can lead to physical as well as emotional and psychological issues. If you can’t eliminate stress in your life your next best step is management.

Try to find the cause of your stress and reduce it as best as possible. If you are taking on too much of a load at work, try reducing your hours. If you have stressful relationships slowly remove yourself from them. 

If you find that lack of sleep may be causing your stress, take the necessary steps to ensure you get the proper amount of sleep each night. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. For more sleep tips read here

Stress may be unavoidable but chronic stress doesn’t have to take over your body. Get a handle on things before it gets out of control. If you need more help talk to your doctor. 

Do you think stress may be causing you any health issues? Share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “More Health Problems Caused By Stress and Ways to Deal With Them”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    great post. I have just started a new business and it can definitely be stressful, no doubt about that. Lots of people seem to bring stress on themselves too through not exercising and eating sugary fatty foods.

    To help me de stress I meditate twice a day, eat mainly a plant based diet and exercise regularly. Fortunately I don’t suffer from any of the symptoms above you mention but I guess the food, exercise and meditation work well to de stress! 🙂


    1. Hi Kevin,
      You are absolutely right in saying we bring upon our own stress. I think if we take better care of our body, it is true, it will take better care of us. Diet and exercise are very important to our well being and it is our support system. We could better handle stress if we kept up with those too but we decide to neglect ourselves. Thanks for sharing, you are proof that hard work is worth it.

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