As most parents know, Halloween is an exciting time for children when they can dress up and eat plenty of sweets. If you grew up in the UK, it’s fair to say that while you probably knew of the existence of such a night, it was the kind of things that used to appear in your favorite American films. It’s been only for the past decade or so that Halloween has been officially accepted as a celebration by the British market.

Your children will be looking forward to picking an exciting costume – from Elsa’s blue dress in Frozen to Count Dracula the evil vampire of the supermarket aisles – and they’ll ask for your help to carve the very best pumpkin head. If you haven’t grown up with Halloween parties, carving a pumpkin can be a little difficult to master, even though most parents admit that they need a few years’ of practice to get it right! Thankfully, young children are forgiving when it comes to design. And if nothing else helps, the Internet is filled with helpful tutorials that are easy to follow!

In 2018, Halloween’s night falls during the half-term holiday. If you are looking for a way to escape the sugar rush of a trick or treat night and to energize your family before the winter slump, now is the best time to visit Indonesia. Here’s why you should spend Halloween in Jakarta:

Let Jakarta become your Halloween sweet spot


Best time to visit

The Indonesia archipelago is renowned for its humid and balmy conditions and its warm temperatures all year round. The yearly temperatures in Jakarta, for instance, tend to vary between 24 and 32.5 degrees Celsius, meaning that you are unlikely to need more than a light cardigan to go through the colder days! Although there is a dry and wet season in Indonesia, you’ll find that both seasons can experience heavy rains – but they are more frequent during the low-seasons. Most visitors tend to come during the hottest dry season, aka from April to Septembre, with temperature as high as 33°C. However, you’ll find that tourists come less numerous to Indonesia between October and May. January is the wettest month. You are going to have some rain during your stay in October, occurring in short heavy bursts. But it’s unlikely to ruin your holiday! Some regions, such as Bali, are unaffected by the season change, but eastern areas can be at risk of flooding during the wet season. While you’ll have fewer tourists, you need to plan carefully to avoid potential flood risk locations.


What to pack?

The secret of a successful trip begins with your luggage. Indeed, packing effectively is not only art for organized people who have a high sense of order; it’s an essential skill for any parent going on holiday with young children. You need to know how to make the most of the space available in a bag that needs to be practical to carry. The Cabin Zero bags, as described here, fit the bill perfectly. They all come in a variety of sizes. But more importantly, the bags are designed to meet the cabin specs of most airline carriers, meaning that you can take them in the cabin with you without worrying that they may not fit the inside locks.

Aside from cabin-friendly bags, you need to consider light linen clothes and a couple of thin jumpers for a week in Indonesia. If you happen to have light, walking shoes that are waterproof, they’ll be a great addition. Otherwise, summer shoes can do the trick too! You might want to pack a raincoat and you best bikini too.


Where to stay?

If you’re looking for resorts, such as Bali, you’ll find that most tourist hotels offer discounts during the wet seasons. You could enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel with spa and pool for the duration of your holiday and at an affordable price. However; when you look for large urban areas, such as Jakarta, you’ll need to be a little bit more imaginative. As a rule of the thumb, holidaymakers find it cheaper to go through rental properties such as here than to book a hotel in Jakarta, especially when you’re traveling with your family.

The best areas to stay in the city are lively and close to restaurants and shops. Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia are the two best shopping centers in Jakarta, which provide modern meeting points from cafés to restaurants. They are in the vicinity of public transports, tourist attractions, and museums. Ideally, if you want to stay at the heart of the city life, a rental near the shopping centers is an excellent choice.


Why Indonesia is a great place for kids

Contrary to the common belief, Indonesia is a fantastic destination for children. Don’t let safety and health concerns stop you — while you need to remain vigilant; the risk factors are a lot lower than you think. Bearing this and the costs of family travel in mind, Jakarta offers the perfect sweet spot between safety and low-costs. You need to learn that relying on taxis is a costly habit that doesn’t take you through the heart of the Indonesian culture. Try the becak instead, an Indonesian pedicab for short-distance-trips. You’ll also find that a walk in town can become a mini adventure, once you start exploring the streets with your children. It’s an exciting experience that encourages children to embrace new cultures and become more open-minded.


What to see in Jakarta and around?

Do you need a programme to keep young children entertained during the day? Jakarta has a lot to offer and deserves its reputation as a family-friendly destination. Indeed, there is a lot of than exquisite shopping opportunities. For instance, you can take your kids to Kidzania Jakarta, a mini-replica of the city where your children can decide which profession to hold, from firefighter to pilot. They’ll be trained in their new career and can get to experience situations close to the ones of real-life professionals. You can finish the day with a hot chocolate from the Cat Cabin, a café where you kids can play with cats. If you want to travel during your vacation, you can book ahead scuba courses in Bali, for instance. The waters can be tricky in January and February, but you’ll find that October is a safe and beginner-friendly month.


Find the best places for Halloween


It’s not just for kids

Admittedly, it would be a pity to plan your vacation around kids attractions only. You can add some sneaky adults visits that will keep the whole family excited. The dragons of Komodo, the world’s largest lizards, exists only on 5 Indonesian islands, so do make sure to keep a free spot in your day to go and see these majestic creatures. Head also to the Island of Java to see Borobudur, the world’s biggest Buddhist temple that is a World Heritage site.


Why is Halloween great in Indonesia?

Halloween may not be huge in Indonesia, but you’ll find that some places have embraced the celebration. Three Buns, a restaurant in South Jakarta, holds Halloween celebration and pumpkin-painting workshops for kids. However, as a general rule, you’ll find that Indonesians don’t know much about the trick or treat habit, resulting in healthy celebrations for your kids. No sweet but plenty of fun, it’s a win-win!


If you’re looking for a way to escape Halloween’s sugar rush and the SAD syndrome in autumn, Indonesia is the perfect destination for your half-term break. Take your family on a trip they won’t forget through a mesmerizing culture and a country of wonders to recharge your batteries before winter!


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