If there is one thing me and my family look forward to during summer break, it is our time together. But children can get bored over summer break with so much time on their hands. So sometimes a family holiday is the best choice to help your bored kids have some fun so here are some fun family holiday ideas that will help get your family out the house and into some action.

If you have a young family, you’ll probably book some time away together every year; it’s a chance to make memories, and enjoy each other’s company in a setting away from the family household. However, it can be a challenge to find a destination that’s going to keep everyone happy, especially as your kids start growing up, and wanting different things from their getaway. As a parent, you’ll also need time to yourself to relax, unwind, and enjoy the new surroundings; therefore, you’ll need to work at striking a balance so that your holiday is a success all around.

If you’ve been doing exactly the same thing each year, and you’re noticing a little boredom and restlessness (from both you and your little ones); it might be time to switch things up. There’s no time like the present to look into new and exciting family holiday options so that it will be something to look forward to, rather than an event where everyone seems just to be going through the motions. The following are some ideas and inspiration for parents who want to give their family getaway a boost and put smiles on the faces of everyone on the trip for a memorable team break.

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Getting Active

There’s a sure fire way to wear out your kids, and that’s with plenty of fresh air, exercise, and a day full of activities and soaking in their surroundings. Therefore, it could be time to book your brood on an activity-filled trip to remember. Look into family ski holidays and you could all come away with a love for the slopes and plenty of new skills. Many resorts have ski schools for your little ones, meaning that parents will have the chance to enjoy the slopes together, or indulge in a little apres ski fun before picking up the kids. If you fancy a less-specific break with the family; head to a region where there are a variety of potentially fun activities. Lakes and mountains will offer a range of physically fun things to do like climbing, hiking, sailing, and swimming, and you can learn skills surrounding nature, like fishing and foraging. Check out some reputable companies who will help with your adventure, and book something to get excited about!

The Magic Touch

Holidays aimed at kids (of every age) are the best way to ensure that your little ones have the time of their life. Famous theme parks and attractions, like Disneyland, are situated in a variety of great locations. Theme park getaways don’t tend to be the most affordable option, but they will be an unforgettable trip that the whole family will love. Depending on where and when you travel; you’ll be able to enjoy the culture, food, and sights of the surrounding area, and your kids will be worn out every day so that you can sit and enjoy a glass of fizz on your balcony. Wherever you decide to book; make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want to do and see when you arrive. A travel itinerary might just become your best friend, and you can schedule as much family fun as possible.


Family holidays are a great reward and a perfect time for the family to get out the house, enjoy each other, and discover new things. Getting out in nature is a great stress reliever as well as a way to entertain yourself. However, there may be some difficulties you face traveling with your children from car ride phobias to caring for younger children.

It is best to choose a destination that will fit all your families needs but still provides you the fun you are looking for. Theme parks are great, though their price can make this not an easy choice. 

Whatever your choice, you should enjoy yourself and your family. Though this is a family holiday you do not want the stress that can come with it so take the time to plan it out as much as possible. Get an early start on everything now so you can get your budget in order to help save money if need be. Plane tickets can even be purchased early to save money. Set dates and check hotel prices to know how much to prepare for beforehand.

Don’t forget to plan for quality time with your partner. Some hotels offer babysitting service which would allow the two of you a chance to goforn a romantic dinner.

Just remember to take your camera and enjoy yourselves!

Do you have a family holiday planned this year? What are some of the things you are doing now to prepare for your family holiday?

14 thoughts on “Fun Family Holiday Ideas – For Your Bored Kids”

  1. Hi Melissa,
    I have 3 kids and summer break is like a nightmare for me 😀 It is not that I do not spend time with my kiddos, but for a working mom it is a headache to find activities for them apart from staying and playing video games all day long.
    Anyways this summer we decided to switch the gears and go for a bike or scooter ride at least twice a week after work. On the weekends, as you mentioned, we plan to go out for a picnic in a local park. We are also in the process of searching family vacation too!
    I have a 14-month-old baby, so, traveling with babies is not that hard. It just requires a little bit more of preparation work and yes, the vacation will not be the same as you used to have. But, hey, it is still a vacation 😉

    1. Hi Anna,
      I can definitely understand. I have 4 kids with 3 in the home and they love video games. However, summertime is also pool time. I think if it wasn’t for us having a pool our kids wouldn’t want to go out either. The bike and scooter ride is a great idea. We also like to play basketball and take walks in the evening. With a young child, traveling is harder but you can find ways to prepare for the trip and find a vacation that works for your whole family. I wish you and your family all the best!

  2. So true! About needing to switch up the vacation to keep from doing the same things you always do. It’s like being complacent; you get used to the same things and become bored or disinterested. These family outing ideas are really great and easy to do. Not too many families plan an outdoor adventure these days but I can tell you from experience, they make some of the best ones. I enjoyed reading this and hope many families benefit from these great ideas! All the best,


    1. Hi Tim,
      You are right, with all the technology there are fewer and fewer reasons to go outside. I personally love the summer and spending time with my kids. Though it can be hot there are many ways to get around that like lakes and pools. I am glad you found the article useful. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I use to have some great family holidays when I was a child with my family but now things have changed. Children these days grow up faster and they don’t like the idea of holidaying with their parents. I still like doing things I did as a child, like visits to the beach in the summer. Great Memories.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Kids are growing up faster than we did, what a shame. Maybe there is a way to change that if we as parents get a hold of our kids when they are young and make it a way of life. I am no expert, it is just a thought. But I agree the way it was for us was amazing and I too still like doing things.

  4. Hi Mellissa,

    Partner and kids are vacationing soon but it’s not exactly packed full of children adventure playgrounds. Sure, the beach is nearby but we can’t sit there for two weeks straight. Your suggestions really are fun family holiday ideas and they are duly noted as we leave tomorrow. I will run them by my better half and see what we can come up with so we can tire out the little munchkins, so we, have alone time in the evening. Thanks again and much applause to you for getting the Top 100 MOM AWARD BLOG? How did you do that Mellisa?



    1. Hi Phillip,
      I hope you figure out something that fits your whole family. One time my family and I walked around the beach and looked at the views and took pictures, that was just one day and the kids liked it. There are many different outdoor ideas you can explore, just tap into your imagination.

  5. Love this article! I’m a new mom and I can’t wait to put these into place! This gives me great ideas! I grew up in the generation that went outside to play after school and you knew it was time to come home when the sun was going down for dinner lol! I definitely am going to raise my babies to have imagination and to see the world! Great post!

    1. Hi Cassandra, congrats on being a new mommy! I too played outside until it got dark and I loved it. I had a Nintendo when I was older but still went outside so not sure what is wrong with the kids nowadays hehe. I am glad you liked the post and thanks for the comment!

  6. This is such a great article, you are absolutely right, kids get bored so quickly and we as parents sometimes find it difficult to provide changes every time for our kids. Ideas you have mentioned about family holidays are superb and I am going to follow these ideas as well. You Always come up with such a nice ideas Melissa and you deserve an applause for that. I am a big fan or your article.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you find the article useful.

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