With the summer here and kids on summer break, there are many reasons to get out and spend a family day in the park. But you want your park experience to be as enjoyable as possible. So in this contributed post, we have provided you with some important tips to make your visit to the park safe and fun. 

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The park is a staple of pretty much all kids’ lives. They love spending hours on a jungle gym socializing and mixing with other children. And, you love sitting down with a coffee and catching up on current affairs. Finally, mom gets to enjoy some “me” time. It’s a win-win for everyone, which isn’t something parents get to say very often.


The concept is fantastic but the execution doesn’t always go as smoothly. Sometimes, a family day out at the park is as stressful as going on vacation or eating out. So, here are a few helpful tips to ensure the day goes to plan.


Tell Them In Advance

Sure, excited kids are hard to handle. They bounce off the walls like a rubber band ball and parents have to make sure they don’t break. Still, there is a flip side. Children aren’t diplomatic and won’t compromise if they are in a bad mood. Therefore, getting them out of the house in the first place is an impossible task. And, when you are in the car on the street, they can go into meltdown. Telling them about the plan should keep them happy to the point where they might even listen to mommy for once. What a start to the day!


Don’t Go It Alone

The term family is a loose term these days. Moms and dads work to bring in the dough, so one parent is usually left holding the diaper bags. It’s fine because we can’t be together all of the time. Plus, you shouldn’t wait until the weekend to get the kids out of the house and playing. Still, when the opportunity does arise, grab it with both hands. Handling toddlers for a full week are stressful and it’s nice to have a backup in the form of the hubby. Let him chase them around the field or play catch while you refresh.


Be Safe

Parks can be dangerous places for a variety of reasons. It’s never nice to speak about but there are predators around. Keeping a close eye on them, then, is essential because it only takes a minute to lose focus. Their well-being is a touchy subject, too. Parents want their kids to run around and have fun, but no one wants an accident. A slip and fall injury can be pretty serious when they are young. Watch out for anything overly risky and tell them when they are silly. Also, don’t be afraid to contact the local authority if there are hazards at the park.


Walk, Don’t Drive

Driving is quicker and easier and less hassle. That said, walking is an excellent option. The reason is simple: it tires them out. Running around all day and then walking home is exhausting, especially on their little legs. As moms know, kids seem to hate sleep and fight it at all times. Keeping them out that little while longer should force them into a nap or a long night’s sleep.


Children love going to the park, at least I know my kids do. But getting out and going to your local park can sometimes be stressful. However, there are a lot of great reasons to get your family out and spend a day in the park.

Going to the park is a great inexpensive way to spend time with your family. Plus being outdoors in the fresh air is a great way to relieve stress. 

Your children will have many activities to participate in from climbing to running. This will help keep them active and off their devices. Not only will they have the opportunity to be active, you can be too. Take advantage of the walking paths or get on the swings too.

Getting out with your family provides a great bonding opportunity. Have a family picnic in the park or barbeque. Spend some time enjoying each other and the community. After all, it is free!

How do you enjoy a day out at your local park? What are your hacks?

Let’s talk about it below!

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