Becoming pregnant can be a wonderful experience for both first-time and experienced mothers but there are many effects of pregnancy on the body that can make some of the experience stressful. In this contributed post you will learn some of the effects your body will face.

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Pregnancy can be an amazing experience. Many women often glow throughout all three trimesters and they find that it gives their body a completely new purpose. Even though giving birth can be very painful and stressful at the moment, it is still something that lots of new moms look back on in a positive light. After all, they would be unable to bring new life into the world without it.


However, it’s worth bearing in mind that being pregnant and giving birth can cause some irreversible changes to your body. You might not be given too much information about these during your pregnancy. Here are a few that you need to be aware of.


A Change In Toilet Habits

Your pelvic region will see a lot of action during pregnancy and labor. It will take a few weeks for it all to return to as normal as possible after you have given birth, but there could be some permanent changes with your waterworks. Many women find that they struggle with bladder control after giving birth and need to rely a lot on disposable incontinence pads. You may not suffer from this too much after your first birth, but you will find that bladder issues get slightly worse every time you give birth.


Bigger Breasts

Lots of women’s breasts increase in size during their pregnancy. This is a well-known fact and something that most women expect. But what they don’t know is that their breasts will get even bigger after the birth! This is all to do with the hormonal changes in the body that take place after giving birth. Your body will be producing more of the prolactin hormone to kickstart the production of breast milk. As well as producing milk, this hormone is also responsible for an increase in the size of the breasts – you might need to buy a bigger bra!


Varicose Veins

Even if you didn’t gain too much weight during pregnancy, your body will still have increased in size slightly. And that will have put a lot of extra pressure on your legs, which could increase your chances of developing varicose veins. Thankfully, these should become less visible over time. If they don’t, you should speak to your doctor as there are certain treatments that can remove them.


Thinner Hair

Did you know that your hair might get a lot thinner after giving birth? It’s true! During pregnancy, you might have noticed that it actually got thicker – that’s because of the change in hormones. Unfortunately, these new luscious locks won’t stick around forever. The hormone changes after going through labor will actually cause your hair to thin out quite a bit. In fact, some women will lose around a third of their hair after giving birth. Again, this is something that you should speak to your doctor about if you are worried about the rate of your hair loss.


True, these changes may not be the best ending to pregnancy, but at least you can be happy in your role as a new mom!


Your pregnancy is a time for you to experience the growth of your child and this also brings changes to your body. These changes may not be very easy to deal with and at times may even make your pregnancy difficult but through this experience, you are bringing your child into the world.

I had difficult pregnancies. With each one of my children, the changes my body endured became more difficult but nothing could compare to seeing my child for the first time. It made everything I went through all worth it.

Each pregnancy is different and experts say that not all women will be affected by all the changes. So what happens to one may not happen to another.

If you are not sure whether or not a change that is taking place is a normal part of pregnancy, always talk to your doctor. Listen to your body.

What change did I leave off the list? Share your thoughts below!

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