Having trouble falling asleep? Sadly, you are not alone. Insomnia is most common in adults over the age of 60 but sometimes there are other reasons you may have trouble falling asleep. Like medications, stress, or depression to name a few. So with all these things you are up against what are some easy ways to fall asleep fast and have you sleeping like a baby.

Make sure your room is comfortable

Your room is your sanctuary, a place to retreat and get some peace and quiet, but it isn’t always quiet. Before you go to bed do your best to get rid of any distractions and anything that can make noises and keep you up. That ticking clock, get rid of it. That vibrating phone put it up. Of course some noises you may not be able to avoid if you live where I live, dogs howling all night, give me a break.

Make sure your room is clean, a cluttered room is a distraction and can keep you up at night. You may lie there staring at that dirty closet all night.

Make sure the temperature in your room is right

You ever try to sleep in a hot room, it doesn’t work, does it? The temperature of your room is very important and can help you not only fall asleep but stay sleep. Sleep.org suggest your room should be between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.  When you fall asleep your body temperature drops and keeping your room at the right temperature will keep asleep.

Limit your caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulate that promotes alertness and it can take 3 to 5 hours for it to be eliminated from your body. So drinking caffeine can make it hard for you to fall asleep and reach deep sleep. One study showed drinking caffeine 6 hours before bed could reduce the total time you sleep by 1 hour.

Caffeine should be used in moderation and you should try to avoid it in the late afternoon and evenings.

Don’t nap during the day

If you are tired or even have been deprived of sleep, you may try to catch an hour or so of sleep sometime in the day before bed but if you experience insomnia napping may actually add to the problem. If you feel the need to nap keep it short, between 10 to 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can wake up groggy if you sleep too long or you will have trouble falling asleep later.


Studies have shown that people with chronic insomnia could have improved sleep with exercise. Exercise raises your body temperature and after working out the drop in temperature can induce sleepiness. It is like work, you work all day and come home and all you want to do is melt in your bed because you are so tired.

Keep the same sleep schedule

I can not tell you how many times my doctor has gotten on me for this one. Changes to your sleep schedule affect your brain. So making the best effort you can to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day will make it easier to fall asleep. That means no sleeping in on the weekend, darn! Of course, things will come up to interfere with your schedule but you’ll be fine as long as you get right back on schedule when you can.

Drink water

Drinking enough water before bed can be a great way to promote sleep. One cold glass of water before bed will replenish your body so your body won’t have to do the work while you sleep and you can relax.

Of course, you don’t want to drink too much water before bed if you will have to get up in the night. If you can’t drink water before bed, make sure you drink plenty of water all day.

Try to force yourself to stay awake

This technique is one of my favorite. I use to have trouble falling asleep because of my overactive mind even though I was really tired. I found by laying in bed and trying to hold my eyes open I would actually fall asleep, Lol! I guess there is such a thing as reverse psychology.

A study performed at the University of Glasglow showed those with insomnia that were told to lay in bed and try to stay awake fell asleep faster than those who weren’t told to do so.

Take a warm shower before bed

You ever notice how relaxed you feel after a warm shower or tub? Taking a warm shower adjust your body temperature in the same way exercise does to make you nice and groggy. Then coming out of the bathroom into your cooler room makes your body change again letting your body know it is time to fall asleep.

Greatist suggests that you keep your showers between 5 to 15 minutes and under 104 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid causing you to become energized from too high of a body temperature.

Wear your socks to bed

Favourite stripey socksCold feet can prevent you from falling or staying asleep. You ever woke up in the middle of the night and the only thing cold was your feet or your hands?

According to the National Sleep Foundation warming your feet before you go to bed will dilate your blood vessels making it easier to fall asleep.

So what better way to warm your feet before bed, by wearing socks?

Use lavender essential oil to scent your room

Lavendar is a great way to relax your nerves, lower your blood pressure, and put your body in a relaxed state. Not only will the aroma make your room smell great but you will be able to sleep the night away. You can use lavender essential oil in many different ways from putting a couple diluted drops on your pillowcase to using a diffuser.

Click here for my review of some essential oil diffusers

Listen to music

Listening to slow tempo music such as classical music can be a great way to put you to sleep. A study done on ninety-four students between ages 19-28 who listened to classical music for 45 minutes had improved sleep quality. There was also a decrease in symptoms of depression.


Since sleep is essential to everyone and important to help our bodies rejuvenate and heal, we must make sure we do everything to ensure we get a good nights rest.

You can try all of these different easy ways to fall asleep fast or try one of them. Whatever works best for you!

Since I suffer from insomnia I make sure I do not nap long and I am sticking to a sleep schedule. Meditation before bed is another great way to relax before you hit the pillow. You should aim to relax when you go to bed and leave all the worries at the door. Lol! Easier said than done.

So what about your sleep tactics, is any of them on this list, or is there something else that works for you?


26 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Fall Asleep Fast – 12 Twinkle Tips to Tuck You In”

  1. I’m right there with you on making your bedroom a sanctuary. When I have a messy bedroom, I have difficulty sleeping. Period. It’s just not possible for me to relax when there is clutter everywhere. And we can’t function without proper sleep! Everything we do is challenging when we’re tired. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Clutter whether in the room or in the brain makes it hard to sleep. You are right without the proper amount of sleep it is very hard to function properly and it is so challenging. Thank you for the comment!

  2. As someone who constantly has problems with sleep deprivation, you have included some excellent tips that I am going to try and see if they help! Sometimes I ignore even the simple changes I can make to improve my overall quality of sleep so this is very helpful! Thanks!

    1. Hi Howie,
      As a sufferer of insomnia, I can understand. I have tried many of these and they help me but everyone is different. Try them until you find what works for you. I wish you the best. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I used a pre-workout time to time and it has a lot of caffeine in it. I actually took it 8 hours before I sleep but I think it affects my sleep. I stopped using it but I really want to continue using it. Do you have any suggestion for me?

    1. Hi Furkan,
      I am not a doctor and I wouldn’t want to advise you of anything detrimental to your health so my first suggestion would be to speak with your doctor. My personal advice would be when you want to take it try to limit your caffeine intake(say if you like to drink coffee too)since caffeine can take so long to be eliminated from your body try drinking it earlier then usual. Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Great post, Melissa!

    I’m not a mom, but boy, do I have sleep issues! I’ve heard of most of the tips before, but the one of not taking a nap is new to me! I don’t need one every day, but I find that I usually take one a couple times a week. I figure that if I actually sleep for an hour or two during the day, that I really needed that sleep. But I’m sure that if I slept better at night, I wouldn’t feel so fatigued.

    But, I gotta take ownership…Truth be told, I’m not getting the exercise that I need, so that would be a good place to start. Oh, and I’ve done the try to keep the awake game, myself! It’s so silly, but too much fun.

    Love the title of your post!

    1. Hi Veronica,
      I am sure when we are tired our body needs the sleep and most people do fine taking a nap but for those who have trouble falling asleep a nap would make sleep even more difficult to achieve. So you may be able to nap but I may not be able to. The stay awake thing is funny, I guess counting sheep had to count for something. Thanks for your comment, and glad you like the title, Lol!

  5. Pretty cool I got lots of tips from this. My husband and I have sleep problems at times, and I found this to be helpful. Good job!

  6. I liked your post. I never had a sleeping problem. I think mostly because I workout in the evening and I only drink 2 coffees in the morning. I can’t sleep with socks on me, but I’ll try your tactics if I’ll have sleeping problem 🙂

    1. Hi Gary,
      You are lucky lol. I use to hate sleeping with socks on but with neuropathy my feet can’t sleep without them. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Yes. Great tips. i can testify that I do most of that and it definitely works for me. I have some lavender and a diffuseur. I should try that as well. There is a lot of info on how wild lettuce(Lactuca virosa) can be an effective remedy for insomnia as well.

    1. Hi Brad,
      The lavender is great. I use lavender bath wash before bed and it works too. I never heard of the wild lettuce thing, that is something to look into. Thanks for the comment!

  8. I understand you cater to women, but this article I believe is for everybody. The tips are wonderful and I am ready to put the ones you introduced to me here to work. I am going to try keeping my open first.

    1. Hi Maurice,
      I always feel bad when I have to leave men out but I am a wife and mother who needed help at a point in my life and now want to return that help. The tips are definitely universal and I am glad they help men too so I am glad you will be able to use them. Thank you so much for your comment!

  9. Hi Melissa, This is very interesting. To have trouble falling asleep is a bad thing. I had it when I was younger and was under more stress.
    Now I use the music trick, in a little bit different form, I listen to audiobooks. If I still can’t fall asleep I eat something sweet, not much, just a little chocolate or a fruit.
    The meditation works well for me too. Instead of a nap during the day, I do a short meditation to get my power back Like this I have a recharge of my batteries but did not really sleep during the day.
    Nice post, thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Stefan,
      I like the audiobook idea. I think meditation as a rejuvenator is a great idea, much better than using caffeine. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Great information here! Very relate-able for me since I too find myself having a harder time to fall asleep.
    Great pictures, the length of the article is good, the pictures you used were great and drove the point home. Overall, I think this is one of the best articles I’ve read yet!

    Jacob (MMech)

  11. Great information and very good tips about how to sleep eaily… we in our busy life need such useful tips. Thank you for sharing this information with all of us.I must say this is such a superb article and very well explained.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you find the tips useful. Thanks for the comment!

  12. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for the reminder, I completely agree with you. For me, the hardest things are limiting the caffeine and the sleeping schedule. Sleeping is such an important part of our daily routine and many of us tend to ignore it and pretend we are going to make it up at a later time/day. Thanks again, it is an extremely helpful message. 🙂

    1. Hi Reina,
      I am glad you found the article useful. I can understand how cutting caffeine could be difficult, it is in a lot of our favorite drinks. Plus some of us have such hectic daily schedules that it can get in the way of our sleep schedule. I agree that we tend to neglect our sleep and then tell ourselves we will catch on sleep but this is not the case. We just have to make sleep our priority and stick to it.

  13. Good post and very much needed there are times when I have a problem going to sleep. But you said it right keep a schedule go to sleep every evening about the same time your body gets used to it and you can wake up about the same time most of the time. Taking that short nap through the day will help out at bedtime. Now that I don’t get out and work all day like I used to I don’t get as tired of an evening so it makes it harder to get a good solid nights sleep like I once did.

    1. Hi Fred,
      It is really true, as soon as I mess up my sleep schedule I regret it, not only do I wake up tired but I have trouble going to bed the next night. Wearing yourself out is something kids are very good at and notice they hit the pillow like a rock at night haha. So yes when you are not as active it is harder to fall asleep.

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