Make your home more festive and cheerful with this list of easy to make Christmas decorations. The holidays are a time of joy but for a mother, it can be a time of stress. Save some money in your pocket by making your own decorations. You can also use this as a time to relieve some of that needed holiday stress or bond with your children. Whatever the reason I hope you find something you will love on this list.

Ice Lanterns

When you think of Christmas you think of snow, right? Some of us don’t all get it during this time of year, but decorating the home with items that give it that winter feel is a plus. So when I saw these Ice Lanterns I fell in love.  These are simple to make with only plastic containers and water. Don’t believe me? Get the tutorial at HGTV.

Design courtesy of from Marian Parsons

Photo by Marian Parson courtesy of

Things you’ll need:

medium to large plastic containers
plastic cups
evergreen sprigs and/or winter berries (optional)
tea lights/pillar candles

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Motive

Mason Jars crafts are always a simple and great way to make great designs and these Christmas tree jars are no exception. They are easy and will make great lanterns to light the house at night. Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts Love. 

Christmas Tree Mason Jar
Image courtesy of Mason Jar Crafts Love

Things you’ll need:

Mason Jar Quarts(Pints & Quarts)

Red Chalky Paint & Green Chalky Paint

Painter’s Tape

Christmas Tree Stencil (you can download here)


Paint Brush

Epsom Salt & Epsom Salt

White Jingle Bells

Baker’s Twine

Scrabble Ornament

This Christmas decoration is very unique and you may have the material you need laying around right now. Do you have an old scrabble game you don’t use anymore? Well now is your chance to do something with it. Get the tutorial on Things that are Pretty.

Image and Craft courtesy of

Things you’ll need:

Scrabble tiles (pulled out of an old game purchased at a yard sale)
Thin jewelry wire
Jingle bells (also purchased at a yard sale)
Scrapbook paper
Dry adhesive or glue (pictured later)

Tools needed:
Exacto knife and cutting board
Awl (or another pointed object)

Custom Vintage Christmas Lights

Add some spice to your boring Christmas lights with this festive colored and glitter garland string tutorial and hang them in your home. Get the tutorial from My Sister’s Suitcase.

custom colored Christmas lights with Maxx Gloss paint
Image courtesy of My Sister’s Suitcase

Things you’ll need:

Clear Christmas Light Bulbs

DecoArt, Maxx Gloss Paint

Drying area for lights

Gold tinsel wire trim

Hot glue gun


Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

This next project is a great way to have your home smelling like Christmas. If you have extra mason jars you will definitely want to turn them into these peppermint mason jar candles. Not only are they easy to make but they will have your home smelling wonderful. Get the tutorial on A Pumpkin and A Princess.


Peppermint mason jar candles
Image courtesy of A Pumpkin and A Princess

Things you’ll need:
All Natural Soy Candle Wax
Peppermint Oil
Mason Jar
Natural Candle Wick
Tea Light Cups
















Snow Globe Terrariums

Snow globes are one of those things I think every child has a memory of from Christmas, at least I do. So when I saw this next project I instantly knew they had to go on this list. In 10 minutes time, you can have beautifully handcrafted snow globes with your own holiday scenes filled with snow that make wonderful decorations. Get the tutorial on Pink Pistachio.

snow globe terranium
Image courtesy of Pink Pistachio

Things you will need:

Apothecary jars (old) – Home Goods and World Market

Snow, trees, and village pieces ($1.00 – $4.00) – Walmart

Mini Lights (100) – Target
















Star Ornament

This next item looks like it is made out of wood but is easier than it looks. Get the tutorial on Woman’s Day.

Star Ornament
Image courtesy of Woman’s Day

Things you’ll need:

Faux-bois paper


















Glitter Galaxy Ornaments

Want some ornaments that are out of this world? This next project has taken a new spin on Christmas ornaments and is very simple to make but you ‘d never guess what they use – floor wax. Yes! Get the tutorial on The Swell Designer.

Glitter Galaxy Ornament
Image courtesy of TheSwellDesigner

Things you’ll need:

Clear Ornaments

Floor Wax

Glitter (You can use Tulip Fashion Glitters)







Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Place these festive pinecones around your home to add the spicy smell of cinnamon to every room. I love cinnamon pinecones but I love making things hands on (plus I have a pinecone tree in my backyard). If you don’t want them scented simply dip them gold or silver paint for a nice festive look. Get the tutorial on RD.

Image courtesy of

Things you’ll need:

Pine cones
Cinnamon essential oil
Baking sheet and foil
Spray bottle







Santa Hat Chair Cover

This next project takes a bit more effort than the others but they are so cute I couldn’t turn down putting them on this list. If you have children they would absolutely love sitting at the dinner table once they see these Santa hat chair covers. I mean who wouldn’t find some joy looking at these? Get the tutorial on Make-it & Love-it.

santa hat chair covers
Image courtesy of Make It & Love It

Photo Transfer Ornaments

Fill up your Christmas tree with beautiful memories using this easy technique, all you need is some photos and some unfinished wood ornaments. Not only is this a beautiful looking ornament it is a great project you can do with your kids. Get the tutorial on LandeeSee LandeeDo.


photo transfer ornaments
Image courtesy of LanddeSee LandeeDo

Things you’ll need:


Wooden craft ornaments

Matte Gel Medium

White craft paint

Christmas images you’ve had printed on a LASER printer

Foam brushes


Glitter craft paint (optional)

Sandpaper (optional)











Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

If you have been making mason jar crafts and have a lot of lids you don’t use, you might like this next project. This is another simple project that even your children could give you a hand on. Get the tutorial on Clean and Scentsible.

Mason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments.
Image courtesy of Clean and Scentsible

Things you’ll need:

Mason jar lid and screw ring (you can buy these in packs in the canning section of any big box or hardware store)

Fabric scraps – I used flannel

Glue gun



Image/Cutout/Sticker to place in the center of the ornament


















Decorating is all about your style and sometimes that may be better achieved when you create the items yourself. I hope you enjoyed this list

Have you started decorating already? Do you have any DIY projects that you have already completed? I would love to hear about them.

2 thoughts on “Easy to Make Christmas Decorations -12 DIY Crafts”

  1. I love making my own ornaments and decorations for Christmas. These are several really great projects. I have built a complete Christmas village from recycled cardboard rather than buying the expensive houses. I love crafts and they are a great stress relief. Thanks for more great ideas!

    1. Hi Christina,
      That is awesome, I absolutely love Christmas villages and they can be very expensive so that is so neat that you made your own. Crafts are a great stress reliever just like many other hobbies that let you take your mind away from your problems. I am glad you found the post useful.Thanks for sharing!

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