As a stay at home mother, it isn’t always easy for me to find the time to relax. I am sure many of you can probably relate. I mean it seems like I always have something to do around the house. Then before I know it, it is time to make dinner, put the kids to bed, and get to bed myself. That is why I really love these easy relaxation techniques below from this contributed post. 


It’s not always easy being part of “the real world.” There are things that can move at a million miles per hour, and the honking cars and crowded subways can make us want to curl up in a ball and leave society behind for a while. While we can’t do all that much to protect ourselves from this side of human life, there’s one domain that is very much under our own control: our homes.

The key to relaxation, therefore, is to make sure the places that you control are as life-affirming as possible. Below, we take a look at five activities that’ll put your body and mind at rest when you’re at home.


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Disconnect the Wifi

There’s a lot to be said for the internet. It educates, it entertains, it connects. However, like everything else, the internet is only useful if we know how to use it properly. And to be sure, spending too much time online is not using it properly. If you’re forever connected when you’re at work, then try unplugging for a while when you’re home. You’d be amazed at just how much more calm you feel after a few hours away from the digital world.


A Good Book

And if you’re not going to be scrolling through Facebook and the like, then what can you do? Well, there’s always the traditional form of entertainment: a good book! Getting lost in another world for a couple of hours is one of the best ways to calm your mind after a busy day. Get comfortable, light a candle, and absorb yourself in the writings of others. If you think that you’re not really a book person, then: you’re wrong! There’s a book for anyone and everyone.


Curled up on the Sofa

Of course, you can’t spend every evening reading. That’s where the television comes in. There are plenty of top shows just waiting to be binge-watched! Take a browse through your favorites, put on your comfortable clothes, and curl up on the sofa for a few hours of top quality entertainment. Your body and mind will be rested, and you’ll be engrossed in a visually stimulating world; what more could you ask for?




Write it Out

Sometimes, our problems aren’t just related to an overactive or busy day. The problems stem deeper; we can be worried about the past, the future, the, well, everything that makes up life. It can be difficult to process all these thoughts, but it’s much easier if you spend some time writing down your thoughts on paper. After a writing session, you’ll find that you have a greater grasp on the issues that have been causing you stress – or, maybe, realize that they’re not problems after all.



Finally, consider meditation. It’s enough to get into to and has been scientifically proven to calm a stressed mind – as well as, we should add, bring a whole bunch of other benefits to people too. Give it go; people seldom regret making it part of their life.


Happy relaxing!



The ability to relax is important to our bodies mental and physical health and is very effective in managing stress and anxiety. Taking the time to relax will help reduce your bodies heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, muscle tension, and also our oxygen consumption.

Not only will relaxing help you with your stress levels but it helps you improve your mood as well. Also finding the time to relax before bed will help improve your quality of sleep. Which is something I am sure a lot of us parents can use, right?

We all know that improved sleep allows for improved brain function and concentration. Improved brain function means we can perform at our best.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to curl up on the sofa with my hubby. We like to watch a lot of movies and television shows together. I love to binge watch! On the weekends we do this with our children.

Being that it is cold it is so nice to cuddle up with a nice warm blanky. 

If you have trouble relaxing don’t worry you are not alone. Just try some of these different techniques and see if one fits you. 

Do you have a technique you use when it is time to relax? Or is your favorite technique already on this list? Don’t be shy, share!

6 thoughts on “Easy Relaxation Techniques – 5 Activities to Enjoy at Home”

  1. Superb, superb and superb, what else can I say about this amazing article. It seems that it is written for all busy mums, isn’t it…I love writing a diary and I do so to relax my self. All the activities you have mentioned are really practical and doable in our busy schedule. As always, you cater busy mums in a practical and easy way, I really love reading your article, you are really a great writer with a good understanding of busy life.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about getting rid of the internet. Yes, having information and entertainment and constant communication is nice…but when we’re frazzled and need to be grounded, those things are more like escapes. I’m also a huge fan of just writing out problems, it’s a good way to get in touch with our inner wisdom…usually, we know the answers already. thanks for the helpful post!

  3. Hi, Melissa! Thanks for sharing this great post! I love these activities especially reading books.
    When I feel stressed, I also love to write in my diary about something that bothers me. In this way, I almost always understand problems that cause me stress or anxiety, and usually, it’s not something that I can’t change. Sometimes I only need to change my attitude.

    Thank you again!

    Best wishes, Melissa!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I love the idea of journaling when things bother you. Like you said, you can better understand the problem. Funny how you say it is usually our attitude that needs to be changed because that is so true. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is always nice to learn from others.

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