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Exercise… something you know you need more of. Either you know you need to do it to lose weight or to improve your health, but did you ever think about exercise as a way to relieve stress? We have heard of many different things by now to help stress, from cold showers to vitamins from essential oils to lotions. But, does exercise help stress relief?

How does exercise help stress relief?

The benefits of exercise for the body has been proven time after time, but exercise also has some stress relieving benefits:

  • Reduces hormones – Exercise reduces the levels of our stress by producing the hormones cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Increases endorphins – It stimulates the production of endorphins which is the bodies natural painkiller and mood elevator.
  • Helps your mood – Exercise can improve your sleep and lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As you lose weight our confidence is also improved because we lose weight and are more confident in our new bodies.
  • Better Health, Less Stress – Regular exercise lowers our blood pressure and prevents illnesses that can lead to stress. New studies show exercise can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels even in people suffering from chronic illnesses.

You know that exercise is good for your body but most of the time you are already are too tired and stressed out to even find the time to do it. Especially as a parent, how do you find the time?

Now that you know you need to exercise, which exercises should you do? No need to worry because exercise is engaging in any physical effort and there are many different exercises you can fit into your schedule to help with your stress. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, even 10 minutes a day will do.

Today we will talk about some fun exercises to get you going.


1. Running

First off running can help you burn those extra calories you have been wanting to shed, a 120-pound person burns 11.4 calories per minute. Running is like a fountain of youth because it helps slow down aging. It is a change of scenery because it gets you outside into the fresh air allowing you to take it all in.

It is a nice break for some of us mothers allowing us to get away and get some “me” time. As you shed those pounds it gives you a new confidence. However, it is not always easy to get out and run so here is another exercise.


2. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are defined as any vigorous exercise such as swimming or walking that is designed to strengthen our heart and lungs. There are many different aerobics workout videos you can find anywhere. You can take classes or do them from the comfort of your home. I find this form of exercise easier to work into my schedule because I can even do them with my children.

I get to work out, my children learn healthy habits….Two birds with one stone!


3. Yoga

yogaYoga relieves stress in many ways. It is great for meditation, posture, and calorie burning. Yoga not only relieves stress but it reduces the symptoms of anxiety naturally. It is a great way to calm your mind through controlled breathing techniques.  Some of the poses are great for your low back.

You can order DVDs and do it from the comfort of your home or take classes.

Learn some poses here.



4. Kickboxing

kick boxing

Kickboxing is great for losing weight and it works all the muscles of your body. It is a fun engaging way to relieve stress  It also teaches you coordination, balance, and flexibility. I like it because you can work out your frustrations as you use controlled kicks and punches and you burn a lot of calories. This is another exercise that is available on DVDs for you to practice at home or you can take classes.


5. Tai Chi

tai chiTai Chi is very similar to Yoga. It is a combination of self-paced, flowing body movements, and breathing techniques.

Tai Chi is actually martially art that was created to help circulation, balance, and alignment. Some of the benefits of doing tai chi are:


  • it helps build bone density
  • it lowers blood pressure
  • it boosts the immune system
  • It eases symptoms of conditions like heart failure, arthritis, and fibromyalgia

Once you learn Tai Chi you can practice it at home or anywhere you want.


6. Walking

“Going for a walk to clear my head!” A phrase many of us have heard or even used. But, this statement has truth to


it. Walking, whether it be a brisk walk or a jog, has the same benefits of other exercises to relieve stress. Walking allows us to detach our minds and from the pressures of the day. Like getting away before we blow up on our boss.  Or, stepping out giving you time to think straight and come back with a changed mind.

As a parent this has often been mentioned as a way to reduce anger, just go for a walk and come back when your mind is calm.

It can keep us from saying things we don’t mean when we are in a stressed argument. So, when you want to go for that walk don’t feel guilty, do just that. You are doing your body a favor.


7. Dancing

Dancing, not something we are all good at. And, not something we may want to do in front of everyone. OK, not me anyway. However, like all exercises dancing provides the same benefits for reducing stress.

Dancing involves all kinds of music (practically everyone listens to music) and can be very fun. It allows you to express yourself in your own way. Choreographed danced help with the memory function which is helpful with elderly and those who suffer from dementia. There are many forms of dancing, some include:


  • Belly dancing
  • Salsa dancing
  • Hip-hop dancing
  • Latin dancing
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Clogging
  • Tap dancing
  • Ballet dancing

Dancing works all the muscles in your bodies and burns a lot of calories. It is a great way to lose weight. You can take classes or use workout DVDs right in the comfort of your living room. Dance classes help you build a new confidence because you have to open yourself up in front of others.



So as you can see, exercise is a great way to naturally relieve stress. You are not limited to what you choose. Remember that stress cause health problems such as;

  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • diabetes

Take measures today to help prevent further problems in the future.

If you have any comments please feel free to leave them below, any feedback is welcome!

12 thoughts on “Does Exercise Help Stress Relief? 7 Exercises That Help Relieve Stress”

  1. Great Article loaded with a lot of beneficial benefits of being active and how exercise can help us reduce stress. Super information explained in a very simplistic and easy way. you are a great writer i must say. keep up your good work…

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the compliments, you are too kind! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on this post.

  2. I’m a huge fan of dancing for stress relief. Not only is there music and self expression, there’s also the opportunity for lots of cardio and range of motion exercises. Dancing has even more mental benefits than most exercise because of the social math involved (in group dancing) and the musicality in matching the beat. Thanks for this great post!

    1. I love dancing as a cardio workout as well as for stress relief. You work a lot of muscle group and you burn a lot of calories. You ever notice how dancers have nice and fit bodies. Plus dancing to music makes the time go by much faster. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. I totally agree with this amazing and great post from you Melissa, an amazing writer. This is so true that exercise plays an important role in relieving stress and I am saying this from my own experience.Thank you, Melissa, I am so grateful to you for all the useful information you always share with us.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Yes, exercise is important for many reasons and it is very vital to our health. I am glad you found the information useful.

  4. Good post-Melissa, We all need to relieve stress sometimes if not all the time. The exercises that you have written can be done with just about anyone. And not only relieving stress but doing our body good in other ways losing calories to help us lose weight keeping blood pressure under control that keeps us from heart disease.

    1. Hi Fred,
      You are so correct. Exercise does our body such good and helps us lose weight, lower blood pressure, and can keep us from getting heart disease. It can be great for headaches as well. It is something we should always make time for to ensure a longer healthier life.

    1. I am glad you found the post useful and I thank you for your kind words. I hope you will find many useful tips here and I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for sharing!

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