Becoming a mother can weigh on you both physically and mentally. During pregnancy, your body changes and your emotions change and after you have your baby you are left figuring out how to be the confident mom you deeply desire. You may have lost your confidence but you are in luck because in this contributed post you will find six tips mothers use to help them boost their self-assurance.

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Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through. However, it is one that has a monumental impact on a woman’s life. Not only do you experience a love that you have never experienced before, but also your hormones can end up a bit all over the place. You may lose confidence in yourself or your ability to be a good mom. It is important to recognize that feeling like this is completely normal. After all, your body has experienced a lot of changes over the past nine months, and now life as you know it has changed too. However, it is important to make sure you get this confidence back sooner rather than later. With that being said, read on to discover some suggestions for becoming a more confident mom.

Take time for you – There is only one place to begin, and this is by taking time for yourself, and not feeling guilty about it! It is good to have some time to yourself, whether it is 15 minutes, an hour, or a day. You need to have balance in your life. If you do not have time to rejuvenate yourself and replenish your soul, you are not going to be in a position to be at your very best for your child. You will find that you are ill-tempered, frustrated, and lacking in patience. The best thing to do is ensure that you regularly take the time to recharge your batteries, and you should never feel guilty for it. From listening to soothing music to taking a quick bubble bath, a bit of time out can ensure that you are your best and most confident self.

Beware competitive friends – Another step you need to take to ensure that you can become a more confident mom is being aware of your friends that are competitive, as opposed to being supportive. Please note that mothers-in-law often fall into the competitive category as well. This basically relates to any sort of person that makes you doubt yourself and how you are bringing up your child. If someone is trying to make you feel like you are not doing something right as a parent or if they are making out like their child is developing at a quicker pace, simply shut them down by stating you are happy with your child’s development.

Don’t feel you need to hide your emotions – A lot of new moms put extra pressure on themselves because they feel like they need to hide their emotions. If your baby has been crying for hours and hours on end on a flight and you have jet lag, it is okay to feel emotional and stressed out. In fact, it can sometimes be a good thing for your baby to see you upset. Of course, you need to ensure that this does not happen regularly and that your emotions are justified. If you do this, it will help your child to understand how other people are feeling as well as helping them to learn how to handle emotions.

Focus on improving your confidence in general by doing something that makes you feel good – One of the best ways to be a more confident mom is to be a more confident person as a whole. To do this, you are going to need to look for different things you can do that will make you feel good about yourself. There is no set formula in this regard. After all, we are all different and we all have different things that would make us feel good and confident about ourselves.

For example, for you, it may be about boosting your appearance, either through a new haircut or by booking a consultation with one of the plastic surgery physicians in your area. For someone else, it could be about spending a day relaxing at a spa. For another person, it may be about taking a training course and developing their education in a new area. You get the point… it is all about finding what truly works for you and makes you feel better and more confident.

Take notes – Another way to be a more confident mom is to take notes. After all, when you are under stress, which all new moms are, then it can be very difficult to digest the information that your pediatrician has given you. This is why it is a good idea to bring a notebook with you whenever you have an important appointment so you can jot down all of the instructions that have been given to you.

Don’t cave into bad advice – Last but not least, it can be very easy to cave into bad advice, especially when your parents or your partner’s parents keep putting their opinion in. However, you can often find that their advice is outdated. The best thing to do is listen to your pediatrician.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared in terms of being a more confident mum. While there is no denying that this can sometimes be a lot easier said than done, if you follow the suggestions that have been provided, you should notice a difference with regards to the way you feel about yourself. It is important to look at the child you have created and to feel proud of yourself. Acknowledge how amazing you are, rather than worrying about things!


When facing a new situation, anyone can lose their self-confidence. Becoming a parent is scary and there are a lot of reasons for a mother to doubt herself but all of these feelings are completely normal. 

Always remember, just because you are a mom it doesn’t mean you can’t make time for yourself. The time you take for yourself is important to help you reflect on your thoughts and emotions and keep them in check. Plus, even moms need a nap or a break sometimes. 

Parenting is one of the most important task anyone can have but it doesn’t come with a manual. So don’t get upset when you don’t know how to do something. You can often find that talking to other moms your own age is very therapeutic and a useful way to get tips. 

Although you have lost confidence in yourself, think positive and take every day one step a time. It may not come overnight but before you know it you can be the confident mom you have always dreamed of.

Do you have a tip that is not mentioned above that can be useful for helping a new mom gain her confidence? Share your tips below!

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