As a mother, it can be difficult to find the time to workout and also the motivation. So the best place to get everything you need would be at a gym but choosing a gym membership is not as easy as walking in and making the purchase. There are actually things to take into consideration, like rules, prices, and accommodations, just to name a few. So it is important to do proper research and not just jump into any contract. In this contributed post we talk about exactly that, how to do your research before you choose your gym. So continue reading to get an idea of what you need to do before you make a commitment. 

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To stay fit and healthy, moms have to exercise. There are plenty of options on the table but hitting the gym is the most popular. It has all the equipment you need, it has flexible opening times, and it’s more exciting than jogging. God, pounding the pavement does get boring after a while! A membership is a fantastic tool to help you hit your health and fitness targets. Signing on the dotted line without doing your research, though, is a mistake. In the same vein as working out, moms have to warm up (prepare) before exercising. Otherwise, you might pull a financial muscle.


Ask Around

The first and hardest task is to separate all the gyms from one another. Usually, they offer the same if not similar services, and the prices don’t fluctuate too much. However, there can be seven or eight establishments in a five-mile radius, which is pretty ridiculous. One way to sort out the women from the girls is to ask around for recommendations. What is your mom network saying about the gym next door or the one in the town? As they have comparable needs, their feedback is vital and reliable.


And Then Find Two More

It’s amazing how many moms don’t use the same standards when choosing a gym. If it was, say, an item on the grocery list, there’s a good chance you’d shop around for the best deal. Regarding a membership, it isn’t uncommon for new customers to find one they like and commit. Okay, it might be the best choice in the end, yet there is no way to know until you’ve checked multiple options. Once you have you like, carry on the search and be exhaustive. A great tip to save money is to use free trial or guest passes, and use the facilities for free.


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Get Insured

Yep, this tip sounds as if it’s an over exaggeration. A gym has its risks, but it isn’t that dangerous. You may not think this now yet wait until you are underneath a thin metal pole with 100lb weights attached to the ends. Once moms see how easy it is to injure themselves, then insurance doesn’t seem like a joke whatsoever. See Darras Law for details, but you need disability insurance and the reason is simple – injuries stop people from working. As a parent, it’s vital to continue to provide regardless of the situation, and policies do just that.


Check The Small Print

One mistake gym-goers make is to assume. They as presume that the gym is open 24-hours, or that it has this equipment and that facility. The truth is there is no way to tell unless you check out the small print beforehand. Something like opening times are widely available online as well as in the agreement. Moms that want to get up early and hit the rowing machine should make sure they can, first. As far as amenities go, ask the point of contact for more info.

Are you ready to join a gym and work towards your fitness goals?



Working out in a gym is a great place for mothers because you have everything you need. From the right equipment to classes and trainers to keep you motivated. But all memberships are not created equal. What you think you may be getting in one gym you may not actually be signing up for.

By doing the research you open up your options and can get a better feel for prices, as well as what each gym offers. Say you want to work out with a friend. Some memberships allow you to take a friend with you for free unlimited. Also, say you want a gym where you can run laps or take a certain class, all this you can find out by doing research.

Another great feature for moms is a daycare, which some gyms will add to the membership. They may even have physical therapy, snack bars, or massage that can be added. So check what features come with the membership. You also want to see if a personal trainer is available.

Some gyms may be more costly than others and they also may be crowded during the hours you may desire to go. These are all questions you would want to ask them when doing your research. Don’t forget to check how clean the gym is, no one wants to workout in an unclean gym. 

Lastly, the equipment is what you will be using so check if they are in good condition. Remember to be as thorough as possible because you want your gym experience to be comfortable. 

Working out in a gym can have great benefits but you want to make sure you choose the right one. Since you are paying for your membership you have the right to know what comes with it.

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership without researching and then was dissatisfied? What are your favorite benefits that come with a gym membership? Let’s talk about your experiences below!


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