Children and Stress

As a parent, we get wrapped up in the stresses of caring for our children and making sure that they are happy and we often forget that children have stress too. But what could they possible stress about, right? They have no bills to pay, no jobs to worry about, and we provide everything they need. But the truth is, they have plenty of things to worry about.

Children and Stress

Stress is simply just our physical or emotional response to the demands placed on us. When we are under stress or body triggers our “fight or flight” response, releasing different components and hormones(such as adrenaline) that prepare our body for action. So stress affects anyone, even our children.


Sources of stress

Not all stress is harmful to children, normative stress; such as learning to talk, walk, use the potty, go to school, and make friends, are all healthy because these productive activities help children to become more independent. Life changing stress, however, is much more confusing and hurtful to children. These types of life-changing stresses can include;

Moving(ie.moving to a new school)
New sibling being born, and
Peer pressure

As mothers, we have to find tools to cope with our own stresses and sometimes this can be difficult, so imagine how it can be for our children. Parents need to be able to help give their children the right skills to effectively cope with the stresses they face.

In this blog, we will talk about the stresses children face and ways to help them, because mothers are stressed when their children are stressed.


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