Our brain is a very important organ that controls a lot of our daily functions. Children use their brain to learn, imagine, and grow into the adults we know them to be. Know child learns at the same pace and we as parents are responsible for helping nurture their brains. Just as our bodies need food for fuel our brains need stimulation to grow. So how can you help your child get ahead boost of fuel every day that can help them academically? By using brain training exercises for kids.

Brain training works in the same way exercise works to build muscle for your body.  The exercises can be effective at helping you to pay attention better, process information quicker, learn and remember more, and retain information. Children with ADHD and learning and language and learning disabilities have been known to benefit from brain training exercises too. So here in this contributed post are 3 easy exercises you can practice with your kids that can help increase you and your child’s cognitive brainpower together.

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As children develop at a young age they need constant mental stimulation to keep them growing strong. It is important that you don’t simply leave a child’s lessons down to their teachers and spend some time at the weekends to play games and puzzles which will feed their imagination and develop their mental skills.

Brain training can be done in many different forms and will often be a fun way to spend some quality time with your child. Feed Your Mind and your child’s mind at the same time and you will see a huge difference in the way your child learns and what they will be able to achieve later in life. But don’t worry, brain training isn’t as strenuous as it sounds, and in fact, you may already be doing these things in your daily lives.


  1. Deep Breathing

This is a relaxation technique which is pretty similar to meditation. Meditation is a technique which people have been practicing for thousands of years to help focus the mind, clear your head and be able to control your emotions. For children, this can also help in improving memory and cognitive function, as well as helping them to get over the stress of school and to prevent mental health issues. One of the main ways you can teach this to your children is by getting them to lie down and close their eyes, and concentrate on their breathing and then tell them to imagine their breath traveling from head to toe and back up again. This will improve their concentration and allow them to focus their mind more readily in the future.  


  1. The Brain/Body Coordination

Our brain and body live hand in hand which is why if you truly want to look after and develop the brain you must also train the body. There are many different ways you can perform tasks to increase your spatial awareness skills and they can be fun for you and the kids to try. One of the things you can do is get your child to use their other hand for activities such as writing and throwing. It may take a while for them to pick this skill up, but it will allow the brain to adapt and do some incredible things. The other main way to teach coordination is by rubbing the stomach while tapping your head. If you can get your child to nail this move and be able to switch hands, they will gain some great skills in no time.


  1. The Concentration Game

Concentration can be difficult for children to pick up because children often get distracted very easily. In order to teach them this essential life skill, you will need to practice some games in the house. A simple trick you can use to get your child to concentrate more is to put 15 items on a tray and cover it as you walk into the room. Take the cover off and give your child 30 seconds to memorize as many as possible. If they get a certain number right, they can have a small treat.



Brain training exercises are a great way to not only improve you and your child’s brainpower they are a great way to reduce stress and build relationships. Playing with your child is always a great time to build memories and spending the time to talk about your day or week with each other.

I like to try to brush my teeth with my opposite hand. It is really tricky but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty fun. Doing the rub your stomach and pat your head trick with my kids is really funny and we try to see who can do it the longest. 

There are many different games you can by to use for the concentration game or apps you can use and play together. Take turns seeing who gets the most, a little fun competition can make you work harder. The old game of memory with cards will work just fine too.

So the next time your kid is bored and needs something to do, play some brain training exercises together!

Do you have any brain training exercises for kids not on my list? I would love to hear about them below!

4 thoughts on “Brain Training Exercises for Kids – 3 Ways to Increase Your Child’s BrainPower”

  1. Wow, This article is great as always. I really love the topics to choose to write and the way you explain everything. I am going to practice these brain power booster tips with my kids for sure and going to share it with others as well, this great article is going to benefit all the parents, I thank you for your superb job, Melissa.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I am glad you like this post. These exercises come in handy. I love doing them with my kids. It will provide many hours of fun and bonding. Thanks for reading!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I love brain training exercises and in my opinion, they are the great tools for both entertaining kids and increasing their brainpower. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Blanka,
      I agree they are great for entertaining and much more beneficial than video games. Thanks for the comment!

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