Have you ever tried to figure out what are the best ways to fall asleep fast but nothing seemed to work? Did you lay there in your bed for what seemed like hours tossing and turning, well I am sure many of us face that same ordeal many nights a week. In fact, studies have suggested that at least 1 in 3 of us suffer from at least a mild form of insomnia. So I am glad this contributed post shows us 5 tips that are natural and will allow you to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important to your mental and physical health so if you are stressed you definitely want to continue reading on. 

Hey now, if we’re going to have all the energy we need to run around and get all of our essential tasks taken care of, then we need to ensure that we’re getting a full night’s sleep under our belt. Alas, this isn’t always as easily done as it is said, with many people struggling to hit the land of the nod once they crawl into bed. But if you’re finding it difficult, do you have to settle for a sleepless night? We say – no way! You just need to know a few of the tried and tested secrets that’ll have you dreaming in no time.


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Be Consistent

Your body likes routine, it really does. We know that having a set bedtime might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s more than useful when it comes to ensuring you’re able to get your full 6-8 hours of sleep each night. If you want to be in bed and asleep by 11 pm, then make sure you’re in bed before that time. It’ll just take a few days for your body to naturally get into the routine that you’re suggesting for it.


Focus on the Bedroom

You can’t fall asleep easily if it feels like you’re lying on sandpaper, or if there’s a bright light shining directly into your eyes. If you’re struggling to fall asleep, then take a look at your bedroom setup. Is your bed all that it could be? Is it quiet, and devoid of light? If it needs an upgrade, find a new mattress at mattress.review and throw out your old sheets in favor of new, better ones. If the light is the issue, you can take a look at blackout curtains. There are also ways to reduce the amount of sound that seeps into your bedroom, too.


Tire Yourself Out

Now, we don’t want to be Captain Obvious, but if you’re not able to fall asleep…might it be because you’re not tired? If you’re not physically active during the day, then you’ve probably still got plenty of energy in the tank, and you’re just simply not going to need to fall asleep. After work, make sure you’re setting some time aside to visit the gym or go for a run. You don’t need to do this every day, but two or three times a week will make sure you’re tired enough to fall asleep.


Limit the Tech

The news is in, and it’s bad news for tech: it’s causing you to stay awake longer than you’d like. If you’re forever scrolling through your smartphone, try a new approach, and put it down for a while before bed. Two hours without technology before hitting the hay will be enough to calm your mind and get you mentally prepared for sleep.


Get Yourself Comfortable

Finally, remember to ease your way into bed. Take a bath, read a book, and all-around begin to wind down in the hour before you fall into your bed.


Now I am no doctor nor do I have this sleep thing down to a tee but I do know that when I am tired, my body and my mind pay for it. When I have difficulty falling asleep it is usually my fault. I either got off of my sleep schedule (hey, it is the weekend and I want to stay up late) or I was on my laptop before bed (yes, I know better).

There are lots of things that go into helping you get a good night’s rest. Like how comfortable your mattress is and if your room is the right temperature and I am sure you heard them before but you still don’t listen do you? Just try it and see what difference it will make.

Remember bedtime is when your body needs to shut down, so you need to ease your way into it. That means you need to prepare your mind and your body for bed. If you are one of those people who can’t seem to shut your brain off then meditation is also a great way to calm your mind before bed.

You can try a warm bath or a nice cup of chamomile tea, that is my favorite and the choice of many. Don’t forget how important sleep is to the performance of your next day. When you are tired you are stressed. 

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Do you think any of these tips would be useful to you? Please explain below! Share these tips with someone you think can benefit from them.

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