As a mom, I try my hardest to give my children everything they need from food, to shelter, and love. So reading this contributed post about giving your child the best start in life really hits close to home. Sometimes it can be hard and I may even doubt myself but I am sure many mothers can relate to the struggle of caring for children. Maybe you will feel the same, read on and see…

Lazy or, not, most of us moms want to do the best we can for our kids and give them a solid start in life. Of course, if you can do it in a way that doesn’t mean you are up until 3 am every morning stressing about phonics, continually comparing yourself to every other mother you know, or crying because your neighbor’s kids have mastered the potty before yours, all the better. Luckily, that is something you can find out more on in the post below.


Food and Drink

If our kids are what they eat, it certainly makes sense to feed them healthy and nutritious food. Now that doesn’t mean everything has to be organic and macrobiotic. It doesn’t even mean that the meals you provide for your kids need to be free of gluten, (unless they are genuinely allergic) shock-horror!


What it does mean is that wholesome food that is cooked fresh should be the norm. Of course, that doesn’t have to result in you slaving over a hot stove for hours on end either. In fact, there is an excellent range of healthy, tasty, family meals that can be created from scratch in under thirty minutes!


There is also the option of taking an hour at the weekend to prepare and marinade food in bags, that you can then pop in the freezer. Then all you need to do is whip out a bag a breakfast time, and it will be defrosted by dinner, and you will have a home prepared, a wholesome and nutritious meal that can be dumped straight into a pan! Easy!



Also, it is worth mentioning drink as well as the food here, especially as it’s summer and kids can become dehydrated very quickly. Lazy and frugal moms alike will be glad to know that the absolute best thing you can give your little ones is water. That means no juice, squash, or soda.


Now, you may have a bit of a fight on your hands if they have gotten used the water alternative, but with a little commitment and perhaps a fruit infuser bottle or two, you can wean them onto water for the most part.




No matter what our age, moving the body is an essential part of a healthy and life. Of course, if you get kids into the habit of being active when they are young, it’s much easier for them to carry this through into later life. It also helps to ensure they are as happy and healthy as possible while they are still children as well.


Active play is essential if you want to give your kids the best start in life.

children on playground

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With this in mind, it can be a good idea to encourage your kids to do some active play every day. Such activities may include basic sports-based games like catch, tag, and bike riding in the back garden. Alternatively,  many kids love to dance, sing, and clap so finding TV shows where they do this, and the kids can dance along works well too, especially if mom is feeling particularly exhausted that day!


Another option is to get your little one involved in playgroups with an active focus that runs locally to your home. In fact, there are many on offer including soft play and child yoga, as well as the more traditional activity such as football, basketball, and swimming.


A note for lazy moms: At the more traditional clubs parents get to sit on the sidelines rather than be fully involved. A tip that may provide you with a welcome 30-45 mins of peace and a sit-down don’t say I didn’t let you in on the scoop!


Education and Learning

It’s crucial to foster a positive attitude to school and learning in your little one if you want them to have the best start in life. However, many parents are at something of a loss on how to do this, especially when there is so much pressure around schooling achievement.


Happily, you can help to encourage your child in education without putting on too much pressure on the academic side of things.


One straightforward way of doing this is to schedule in regular reading sessions every day. In fact, many kids get a kick out of reading before bed too, as this is some quality one on one time with their parent and they can take it in turn with you to read particular parts of the book.

book on bed
open book in bed

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Also, to help your child enjoy and excel in an educational context, it’s important that you assist them in fostering a positive and inquisitive attitude.


You can foster a positive attitude in your child by promoting outside of the classroom learning activities such as these China school trips, as well as supporting your kids with their own interests and passions. Then you will find they will not only have a passion for education itself but will also have the confidence to try new things and identify and pursue learning experiences that are meaningful for them. Something that in turn can help them to do their very best in the traditional education system.


Emotional Wellbeing

Lastly, to give your child the absolute best start in life it’s is essential to care for their emotional well being. Caring for your child’s emotional well-being is a task that many parents can find challenging, especially if they have not been given the tools to manage their own emotional health during childhood.


Knowing how to identify emotions is crucial for your child’s wellbeing.


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Luckily, there are a wealth of useful resources out there that can help you to explore emotions with your child and provide them with the necessary skills and vocabulary that they need to develop for emotional stability.


In a particular, activities that help kids to identify and expand on the basics emotions of mad, and sad are useful. Also try to provide some reflective time in each day where little ones get to check in and measure how they are feeling, what they have enjoyed, and address any problems they are facing at the current time.

Of course, for moms that are lazy, exhausted, or to busy to think straight, there are games and worksheets on offer that will fulfill these criteria instantly and in a fun way. Something that makes it just that little bit easier to give your child the best start in life, without running yourself into the ground in the process.



Being a parent is an amazing job but it requires a lot of responsibility and with everything else we have to do (housework, work) it can feel overwhelming. However, we can also put too much on ourselves and set our standards too high. 

I think the best way to give your children a good start in life is by simply paving the way. Set healthy examples for your children by making those same choices yourself.

Have you ever compared yourself to another parent or thought you weren’t doing enough? It is always important to have a positive mindset. 

What is the most difficult thing about parenting? Talk about it below.

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