There is nothing more relaxing than getting away from it all. Away from the stress of work, bills, and crazy traffic. Taking a relaxing vacation with your family is a great way to not only help you relieve stress but give you a break from all of your responsibilities. So this contributed post provides some of the best relaxing vacation destinations you can visit and have the time of your life while enjoying a nice calm environment.

We all need a break from time to time, a vacation away from the stresses of life, society and indeed our responsibilities. But short of heading to Neverland, what places provide this possibility? While Disney World is great for kids, it’s not exactly relaxing for parents. Though admittedly there are some wonderful places around parks like this where you can share a drink and enjoy the ambiance. So, let’s look at some of the places in the world you can go where you can literally feel your troubles melting away.


Take A Trip To Tuscany

Middle Ages Old City History Medieval Volterra
Middle Ages Old City History Medieval Volterra

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Traveling to Tuscany feels something like discovering a place lost in time. If the rest of Italy is a mixture of contemporary wonder and historical significance, Tuscany is a gentle reminder of when life used to be simpler. Rolling hills surround apricot colored villas that you will love spending a night or two in. In the middle of summer, the sky is dotted with candyfloss clouds and the only sound will be that of gentle footsteps on cobbled streets. You can retreat inside your villa or head down to the market and pick up some delicious foods, whether you are vacationing alone or with your entire family.


California Here We Come

Indian Canyons Golf Resort Golf Course Palm Springs
Indian Canyons Golf Resort Golf Course Palm Springs

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If Tuscany is a trip to the past, then Palm Springs is a gaze into the future. The minimalist housing designs are perfect for a relaxing environment, and you can lavish in the luxury of designer villas. Palm Springs is located in the desert of California, but with the lush green grass, this oasis feels like a cool, refreshing drink of water. Lie back in your private pool and let your troubles melt away under the hot Californian sun.


Venetian Wonders

Boat Buildings Venice Water Italy Canal River
Boat Buildings Venice Water Italy Canal River

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Venice. The floating city and one of the only places in the world where you can lie back in a gondola and drift through gorgeous architecture as though in a dream. Take the Venice food tour, and the gondola ride will be complemented beautifully by delightful delicacies wherever you stop. While you might think it’s difficult to relax in a city as popular as Venice, you will be surprised, the center square is often deserted at certain times through the day as a serene atmosphere washes over this picturesque location. With the gondolas, there are also plenty of places to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city itself, particularly during tourist season.


Lost In The Wilderness

Boulder Chautauqua Front Range Colorado Flatirons
Boulder Chautauqua Front Range Colorado Flatirons



There are lots of places where you can disappear into forests and surround yourself with towering peaks and tall trees. However, Boulder Colorado is certainly one of the best. While you’ll find plenty to see and do here for your typical vacation, you can also head out into the wild and plan on doing absolutely nothing. Wander across grass verges, sit and gaze down on hidden valleys and dip your feet into gentle streams. You can spend days here and never see anyone else around.

We hope you try at least one of these destinations for yourself and discover a truly relaxing vacation.


When you are stressed, it is sometimes necessary to take a vacation with your family to get away from it all.  There are many wonderful places in the world you can visit when you want to take a vacation but when you want a relaxing vacation to get away from stress there are some places that are a better fit for your needs. 

Whether it is a trip overseas or somewhere in your own backyard there are many different places where you can get in touch with nature and find the relaxing environment that your mind and body needs. However, a truly relaxing vacation should be more than just one day.

Research has shown, that in order to get the true experience a relaxing vacation can provide, it is best to book a vacation for 7 to 11 days, with 8 being ideal. Also, booking your vacation ahead of time can save you money and stress.

When choosing a vacation destination you always want to make sure the place has your desired accommodations and plan ahead to make sure you accommodate your families needs. Remember your time vacationing should be free from stress and as relaxing as possible.

Do you have a favorite relaxing destination spot on this list? Do you have a place you like to visit when you like to relax? I would love to hear about it below!

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