Candles are a great way to bring a certain ambiance to your home. They have certain smells that can easily change the mood and bring peace and tranquility to any setting. However, you may not be aware that candles may contain ingredients that are dangerous to your families well-being. So we are going to talk about what candles you should avoid and what are the best non-toxic candles you should choose for your household.

What Do Toxic Candles Contain

You may not be aware of this but most candles are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax creates the highly toxic benzene and toluene when you burn them. These toxins are the same ones found in diesel fuel fumes.

Benzene is a known carcinogen and toluene plays an effect on your central nervous system.

There are candles that contain wicks that emit lead when burned. The CPSC banned lead-cored wicks from being manufactured.

Not to mention candles can contain synthetic scents which can induce headaches or trigger asthma.

Non-Toxic Candle Ingredients

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The best and safest alternative to paraffin is candles that use cotton or paper wicks. These can be unscented candles or candles that are scented only with essential oils.

The candles should be made out of vegetable or soy, beeswax, coconut wax, hemp oil, or any other combination other than paraffin.

Best Non-Toxic Candles

1. Way out Wax

This company out of Morrisville, Vermont makes these candles from one hundred percent beeswax and a combo of hemp oil wax and vegetable wax. The wicks are each made from cotton or hemp and each scent is derived from natural essential oils.

The candles burn for a nice 45 hours and you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or GMOs.

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2. Big Dipper Wax Works

These candles are made purely out of 100 percent beeswax. They come in many different shapes like hearts and pumpkins to fit all your holiday needs. They have no added scent which is great for anyone with sensitivities to scents or asthma sufferers. Plus, they provide you hours of chemical-free burning. They make great centerpieces and decorations.

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3. Honey Candles

These candles are made of one hundred percent beeswax and provide a wonderful honey scent. They are the cutest things and they are created by the bees themselves. So they are all natural and free of any chemicals. As if this candle couldn’t get any more special, the company also sends their leftover wax to families in need and supports the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees.

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4. Barr Co Candles 

These candles are made of all natural vegetable wax. Each one of these candles can burn up to an amazing 120 hours and they have an amazing unique range of scents from grapefruit to honeysuckle. The candles are completely vegan and the candles are made in small batches. This company really makes sure they give you quality products. Not to mention a customer stated it is the only candle they can use that doesn’t give their spouse headaches.

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5. Izola Candles 

These candles have a modern look and are each hand-poured into a recycled glass. They are made of one hundred percent vegetable wax so there is no concern when using them. There are many modern scents of essential oils to choose from although they can be more on the pricier side. Each candle can burn for up to 40 hours and has been manufactured in the USA.

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6. Paddywax Eco Collection Soy Wax Candles

Made from one hundred percent soy wax, these candles are hand poured into recycled wine glasses and topped with wood to keep material out of the landfills.  The scents are made from natural ingredients which will not be harmful to your households well-being. So not only are you getting a candle that is safe to use in your home you are getting a candle from a company that takes part in making sure the world is a liveable place.

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7. AIRA Soy Candles

These candles are made of one hundred percent soy wax and are said to be organic, kosher, and vegan, so they are free from paraffin and any other chemicals harmful to your health. They come in 8 ounces and 16-ounce mason jars and the 16-ounce candles can burn for over 110 hours. The scents come in many different varieties and they even have therapeutic scents to help your mood and help you relax like the stress relief scent.

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Tips to Get The Best Out Of Your Candles

Keep the wick trimmed

It is suggested that you keep the wick on your candle trimmed after 4 hours of burning time. Extinguish your candle, let it cool for two hours and trim the wick 1/8 of an inch before relighting.

Use a wick trimmer

Using a wick trimmer makes trimmer your wick a quick and easy task. Here is how to use a wick trimmer:

  • Place the bottom of the trimmer flush with the surface of the candle.
  • Rock the trimmer back so that the “elbow” now rests on the surface of the candle.
  • Ensure that your trimmer is at a 45-degree angle to get the proper wick length. This will prevent the wick from being cut too short, causing the candle to burn improperly.
  • Bring the two handles together to trim the wick. Discard the remnant wick before lighting.

No more than four

It is recommended that you burn your candles for no longer than four hours. You should then extinguish them, let them cool down for two hours,  and trimmed before relighting.

Follow the half-inch rule

A candle should no longer be used when only a 1/2 inch of wick remains. This prevents possible heat damage to surfaces or containers.

For your safety

Always burn candles away from a draft, other heat sources, or anything flammable. Keep them out of reach of children and animals and never leave a candle unattended.


When storing your candle be sure it is in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Placing it in a dark place will help you keep its color.

Candles can be sensitive to extreme heat and cold, so it is best to store them between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So don’t leave your candles in a hot car, especially on a hot day because they will melt. Also, after a candle has been exposed to extreme cold first let it return to room temperature before using it.



Non-toxic candles are a great way for you to enjoy the visuals and tranquility candles bring to your home. Just make sure you choose candles that are free of paraffin. If you want scented candles to stick to those scented with essential oils.

I hope this article was helpful in letting you discover how you can keep your family safe from toxic chemicals candles can contain.

Do you use scented candles? Have you ever tried the alternative kind? I would love to hear about it below!

10 thoughts on “Best Non Toxic Candles – 7 Candles Safe for Your Family”

  1. Candles! Even candles are dangerous! this world is full of landmines even in the most innocent-seeming products. I’m so grateful I found your blog, it’s helping me make better consumer choices and hopefully helping my body not be all poisoned in the long term.

    1. Hi Penelope,
      Yes, it is very scary how many things are harmful to us that we use every day. I am so glad you found this article useful. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wow, thank you so so much for writing this article and sharing this with all of us. I love candles and Do have a collection at home but I was totally unaware if non-toxic and toxic candles, I always buy that looks good to me. A huge thanks for educating me about this, I will for sure keep this in mind while buying candles from now onward. Your articles are always great and very informative, keep up the superb work…:)

    1. Hi Sarah,
      You are not alone! Many of us are sadly unaware of how many things can be toxic to us. I am glad you found the article useful and thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Wow! I did not know that candles could be toxic. Thanks so much for providing this information. I think most candles are made of paraffin wax. Yikes!

    1. Hi Melinda,
      Yes sadly they can be and yes most are made of paraffin wax. I am glad you found the information useful. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Omg, I didn’t know any of this! This is so interesting and useful and it certainly makes me look at candles in a different way! I’ll be more careful from now on, thanks for the heads up 😉

    1. Hi Sarina,
      I am glad you found the article useful. You are welcome, thanks for the comment!

  5. Nope cannot say that I have used safe burning candles but now that I know how unsafe they are I think I’ll start thinking about it more. I do like the sound of the candles that burn up to 120 hours. With essential oils for the scents that could save a lot of extra money for people who like to burn them.

    1. Hi Fred,
      I used to use candles before I had children because I liked to make my room smell nice and I was also unaware of how safe they were. I had candles in a drawer for in case of a blackout but after I learned about toxic candles I threw them away. Now I use essential oils for everything. It is amazing the everyday things we could be using that are hazardous to our health. I too think the 120 hour candles are great because you would expect to get a good amount of time from your candles, especially if you use them for therapeutic reasons.

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