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about melissa jiggetts

As a mother, I know all too well how stress can have an impact on being a parent. With all the responsibilities of caring for your children, taking care of the household, working(or being at stay at home mom), and taking care of your own health, it is a lot to manage.

In the midst of all the stress and responsibilities, you get lost along the way. A stressful mother leads to a stressful home because when you are stressed everyone else becomes stressed.

Being a mother holds a lot of responsibility and takes a lot of energy, therefore, it is important to take care of yourself first.

Like you haven’t heard that before, right?

I heard that from everyone over and over and when I was younger I never listened.  I sure wish I did!

One year I became ill and learned I was epileptic. At first, it was stressful and hard on me, my husband, and my children. With the help of different techniques and education, I was able to turn my experience into something more powerful – motivation.

Now, when I get stressed I pray and meditate or one of my favorite things to do is take walks with my husband and my younger children.

Being a mother is so rewarding and it is a very important job. Children soak up our habits like a sponge. No matter how hard it may get there is always a solution and helping each other find the way is a success I can accept. I am in no way an expert nor will I ever claim to be one, all I am is a mother who is willing to provide the best advice I can to other mothers.

I am also very happy to hear about anything on my site that catches your attention or if you have any opinions or tips you would like to share don’t be afraid to speak up. Any feedback is welcome!

Though I dedicate my site to mothers, the rules still apply to dads. Being a parent is an amazing job and I would never say one parent deserves more credit than the other. We all stress and we all need to take care of ourselves!



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