Summer is here and your kids are home from school but is this a time for excitement or a time for misery? Summer break is something our children look forward to and for good reason but not all of us parents feel the same. Why? Summer vacation is not without its stressors. In this contributed post we will discuss 4 ways to eliminate summer stress and help you enjoy your children’s time at home. Besides, you deserve a summer vacation too!

Nearly every parent is divided on the topic of school summer vacation. Half of parents absolutely adore the time that they get to have with the kids, loving the boring days as well as the not so boring days. They love the concentrated time with their little ones, loving playing with them and love to wake up each morning with the sun shining and not knowing what is to come that day.

The other half of parents absolutely dread the summer vacation. They dread having to be away from the children while they’re at work. They dread the long, hot days with a budget to work to and they dread the feeling of dread when the kids are off school. It’s not that they don’t want to spend that time with the children, it’s just that keeping children entertained for three months is not easy!

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The whole idea of the summer vacation is for children to take time away from the stresses of school and unwind before a new semester and a new school year begins. If you’re choosing to go on a summer vacation, you have to ensure that it’s the right vacation for you and your family. For example, if you suffer from seasonal allergies or dry eye disease, you’re not about to get yourself packed up for a camping vacation, are you? The point is to have a vacation that you can all enjoy as a family, and below we’ve got some fun tips to keep your summer vacation as stress-free as possible.

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  1. You need to know exactly what you want from your summer vacation. If in those three months where the children are off school, you have most of the time off, then book yourself a couple of weeks away with them. Get out of the neighborhood and be very clear on what you want to spend your time and money doing. Once you know what you want, you can formulate a plan for your vacation.
  2. Organization is key for any vacation, but the long summer break generally means that locations are going to be packed with families. Start making lists of what to bring with you and set up an itinerary for each day that you’re away. If the kids are old enough, rope them in to help you. Help them to be accountable for their own things and get their ideas in the pot for the itinerary.
  3. Prepare yourself for things to go wrong with backup plans and extra contingencies. Think ahead of what can go wrong on vacation and en route and make it work so that you don’t end up in an emergency situation without a plan.
  4. Let go of the small stuff and don’t sweat it when you come across bumps in the road. The kids will argue, they will, they’re kids. Keep yourself as stress-free as possible and just let things flow over you.

A stress-free summer is possible, all you have to do is reach out and grab it!


Stress can be found everywhere and in almost any situation but is your child’s summer break really supposed to be a time of stress? Sadly, it can be. The concept of your child’s vacation doesn’t always end up being a time of well-deserved resting and relaxation. But with the right management, you can have a stress-free summer in no time. 

My favorite thing about my child’s summer break is the time we get to spend together as a family. The extra time allows us to get outdoors together or bond over our favorite activities. Summer is hot and it is not everyone’s favorite season but I love to swim and so does my family.

If you can manage time around your work to take time off for yourself, there is no better time than during your child’s summer break than to plan vacations. You can plan a well-deserved trip to the beach or a big trip to Disneyland. Some vacations take more planning than others and you have to way in things like cost. Whatever works for your family, there is no better time to do this than the summer. 

So although there are obstacles and stresses you may have to overcome this summer you can reach those goals if you plan them out. You deserve a stress-free summer and a great summer break!

What do you look forward to the most about summer vacation? Share your thoughts below!

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